Friday , 19 October 2018
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Cannon Fodder: Who has the Power?

Salutations Lovers of our fair club! It’s a depressingly blue Monday and I wish I had skived off work. I’m ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Once upon a time in Goonerland

Hearken to me, Gooners great and small!!!! I bring news of Goonerland. Evil times have fallen upon our fair kingdom; ... Read More »

Glorious Footie… Where Art Thou??!!!

As I look across the dark morass of the football-less two weeks… I know what sailors feel when they are ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder : Back to the Drawing Board

Ah, the ignominy and depression that accompany defeat are hard things to wipe from one’s mind, aren’t they? Especially, when ... Read More »

Transfer Schmansfer

Hello Lads & Ladies!! I have few words to say, so pour a glass of your smoothest stuff and cock ... Read More »

This is War

  Nope… no greetings, no cordial-grins and no secret hand-shakes…. No nothing. The news has percolated and by now, and ... Read More »

The Sound of Arsenal

G’evening lads…. Nice to see you’re all hale and hearty eagerly waiting for the new season to kick-off. Originally I’d ... Read More »

Dis the Gaffer not

G’ Evening folks, it’s me again, your favorite booze guzzling, bike riding, sloth-lazy blogger back to deliver wisdom by the ... Read More »

Words…. So many words….

After the events of the past few days, we seem to be floating in calm waters before the proverbial, or ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder : Ramble On…

Pucker up...Sugar lips!!!!

*Yawn* Apologies for the almost languid start to the blog but a night of alcohol fuelled revelry does that to ... Read More »

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