Friday , 17 August 2018
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  • Lyleressouw

    i always knew he ws emirates bound 🙂

  • Wendy

    What was the last time Wenger say something like this? Oh just before Nasri left!

    • mystic

      Ah, but people actually care about RvP, who isn’t a 1/2 season wonder.

  • A Begg1

    Who says RvP has not signed a new contract? For that matter, how do we know100% that Arsenal have even offered one? Everyone is assuming everything.

  • awg

    you are racist little indian blogger about what u’ve said about 
    Shebby Singh. i’m malaysian, and i’m proud of him.

    • JJ

      not liking a sp*rs fan is racism so be it man.. he is an hard core Sp*rs fan first and he has become the director of blackburn rovers a club run by indians which migh just go bad to worst.. they are only looking for cheap arragements… as a pudit he is fine for me.. but a lot of anger is bec he is a Sp*rs fan …

    • tsk

      Chill bro!

      We have nothing against Shebby Singh, apart from the fact that he is a Sp*rs fans and downtalks Arsenal at every other chance he gets! 🙂

  • Samuell

    Less late night boozing and earlier bedtime resulting in a clear mind and head in the morning wo
    uld  enable another Arsenal blogger to blog coherently instead of posting drunken hogwash here?

  • evidently u disgaree with something I’ve written…care to point it out?

  • Harry

    Well this is a huge welcome from the Emirates and i also believe that there will be much more signings before the closing day of the transfer market

  • Abc

    Good to c u change the usual title of urs..and i liked the line ending with accept me as the new bergkamp.

  • Bradster

    I feel his way of leaving is worse than Flamini’s. He too is not welcomed back and definitely not a legend.
    I do have a thought though that the club knew from the end of the season that he would not sign, tried to negotiate further and RVP refused. Said they need to announce it to move on and Arsenal wanted to prevent a fire sale and also convince players to sign first. So RVP’s next step was to announce it himself.

  • Srle

    I completely agree with you.
    Excellent article. All those who bring turmoil to the club needs to go. Same as
    Nasri,now RVP, Theo .. it seems to me that people have forgotten other quality
    of Arsenal. I love this club and very much appreciate Wenger, we have other
    players who have quality. Not everything depends on RVP and Theo…Other
    talents waithing their chance to play in Arsenal.. So if they want ot go- just
    Go! This massage from RVP is hipocritical…

  • guest

    Nigeria plan is called off as of now..

  • Naveen Roy

    Well said!! It bleddy frustrating to think at the end of every season that the next season will be ours. And these “dudes” just up and leave. I understand that it is a matter of money. But at least he could have stayed till his contract expired. No – he will not be an Arsenal great. NEVER.

    And let him not come back. He joins the likes of Nasri, Fabregas. Rats…..but the ship isn’t sinking. It never will! In Arsene we trust. Once a gunner, always a gunner!!

  • Nitishbhan

    funny isnt it,wat hav the players that have left ARSENAL accomplished?? barely some retards might say,look at NASRI or FABREGAS..but then look at them,what did NASRI even do in MANCz title benchwarmer…and FAB,he was played his part,but after dat wat did BARCA win at the end,barely anything…just for an example look at 1 of our legends HENRY who left ARSENAL,not for d money,but just 2 play besides RONALDINHO,1 of the best mid-fielders in d worlds back then and wat did he get,nothin,infact BARCA sold RON dat season,making dat transfer,totally worthless..VAN shud hav seen his pathetic performance with HOLLAND in d EUROs to  realise that he was no good without the GUNNERs batch on his chest and a number 10 ARSENAL jersy..frankly i m not sad,he is good,but he can be replaced,coz after watchin d EUROS i can certainly say,he was made by us and we can make another RVP, WENGER vil definitely buy good players with d money,so keep the faith 🙂

  • Lfsosab

    couldn’t help to think about Buffon, Del Piero et all who despite being World Champions they remained at their club Juventus trough the hardest of times.  Glad for them it worked out, now that’s loyalty!

  • Recycled Plastic Water Bottles? Anyway, nice kit. Purple is always good!

  • Ankeet Sinha

    They are gonna get M’Vila for sure and another AM.. have made a bid for Dempsey and seem to be interested in Belhanda although dont see it happening. They will get rid of Bendtner, Squillaci  and Chamakh as well

  • Guest

    would have liked to c podolski also with the squad

  • Rockingchirag97

    hey i did all the stuff written above.. n i cant even wait for d league to start!! go gunners go!! yeah!!

  • Nice writing bro! 🙂 Like your style.

  • d3si_gooner

    Good article. From what I see in the pre-season games, Wenger is trying to get all the players to play. And in the case of Man$hitty, except for maybe 3-4 players everybody were atleast 60 mins on the field. I really don’t care if arsenal losses the pre-season games, what i’m looking for in these games is how capable(or how good) are all the new faces and so far everybody were impressive. Chamberlain just dominated the midfield, playing in every position. But i think he is more comfortable in the winger positions. His crosses into the box are the best crosses. I can’t imagine how deadly the combination of alex and giourd will be. I am just looking forward for the season to start, very impressed with the squad we have and with what wenger is doing.
    In Arsene, I Trust.

  • Arunspeel

    Neat narration of the story called ManCity Vs Arsenal.

    Arsenal did use giourd and podolski… Still we’re able to play against big names.. But wud love to see them included for team chemistry as soon as possible.

    Defence looks ok but not best, should see if Arsene needs additional signing.

    Was RVP in the squad ??

  • 5tephen

    come and have a look

  • Guest

    Buy M’villa and sell Diaby and Djourou simple and win trophy.

  • ibbbe

    i think so………

  • Forward Gooner

    good write up but we did have good history between Chapman and Wenger too… and Cazorla amount was less than Arshavin’s

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  • gooner

    In arsene we trust

  • bekalu

    u ar so stuiped wenger

  • chanGunner

    This is first time iam writing, I only read newsnow and Arsenalnewsreview and sometimes desigunner, but I like what you are trying to do, we really need this and I really appreciate it. Nobody in any posts mentioned about suarz. Targeting mertesacker .Keep up the Good work

  • Desi Gooner

    good analysis of what wenger is doing .. sagna issue its a different issue.. sadly in the present world all players want trophies and money.. the other section of players are dying…we hope to c more of the wilshere types at clubs

  • Ajt


  • pablo

    What about Carzola?

  • Axel

    Szczesney should be over 80?! Jenkinson 62 after clean sheet for 3 games in the PL?! Maybe hes not an 80, but he deserves 70!

  • titch

    every year arsenal i think gets underrated for there squad but still put on a top four finish and gettin to last 16 of champions league

  • Rudi

    where’s cazorla…?????????????????????????/

  • kesh

    wat of Santi

  • Tomi

    I think the rating is for last season apperaces so players who didn’t play much or didn’t play euro have much lower rating.

  • wellingooner

    Arteta should have gone up after last season’s performance, not down… Are EA actually stupid or are they being trolls?

    • Kartik Gooner Shekar

      They’re knobby boneheads. I’m sure Song is 85-87 just because he isn’t at Arsenal anymore. I mean I know Chamakh and Arteta aren’t the same position, but ridiculous! Arteta atleast should be 81, highest pass completion rate in Europe last season.

  • sagar

    In india they didnt telecast it live
    Where can i watch arsenal matches not being shown?

  • Tim

    Well the the Ranking is Ok and very much accurate.
    Well to my Arsenal Fan Do you need 100% free Liberty reserve? then click here

  • FootballIndia

    there is high possibility of santos, ramsey, arshavin and walcott to start tomorow…

  • ams

    To see full highlights of arsenal 6 – 1 Coventry streaker invades the pitch goto:

  • Can u provide me with the link of Arshavin’s goal with Martin Tyler’s commentary???

    • lfs

      beautiful moment! what a shame, I still want the 2009 Arshavin back, such a great (attacking) player, the one I enjoy the most but we must realize he’s gone. Even the Coventry game, he showed glimpses of magic but laziness too. what a shame.

      tnx for the read

  • Vinay

    Brian Holt is someone even i like, he is a typical center forward, great in the air and physical strength aplenty, gunners will find it tough but yet again the game will be decided which midfield of ours turn up for the game- the chelsea one or the westham one

  • Arsenal fan

    Liked the way u ended the article and hope all the fans keep up to that…back to the match that u tried to talk about..did per really had a good game.. Wilshere seemed to fight more with cleverly than united…. Carzola is not the one that we saw in the first 3 matches of the season maybe a bit overplayed so was arteta… Mid week will show where its heading to..

  • derick momanyi

    arsenai is the bast i like it and i love it

  • Good to see Giroud scoring goals lets hope that his form continues against montpellier and aston villa this week

  • Brendy

    Giroud was arsenals man of the match, ok he didn’t get a goal but his hold up play and work rate was outstanding. He set up up both of the goals and his over the top ball to podolski was world class. He deserves 8+

  • Vinay

    Brilliant read varun, love the language and the sarcasm, typifies me and you hahha, great read mate seriously

    • varun

      Many thanks brother!
      Cynics shall inherit the earth 😛

  • Suhas

    Brilliant read !!, sane and unbiased.
    Keep ’em coming !!

    • Varun

      Where is the fun in being partisan, right?

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  • allan1340

    I don’t think sagna deserve 7 point he made mistake and that was not first game of his errors. I do not know what has happend to him since his injure or it is because of his contract extension. I really a fonde of him and hope he will get better.

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  • vinod

    Well written..the last question of Wenger to win is what we all want but is he up for it is still debatable..but good job with the blog..

  • fast gooner

    dude you got to get your facts right or this is a very old article.. mvilla has signed for a different club somewhere in russia.. and we have no games in hand.. if you posting your articles dont just copy paste it.. check before its posted..

    • rishabh

      The article was written by me after the newcastle game. Except the game in hand fact everything seems to be in order. mvilla has not signed for ny club, Not official yet.

  • positive gooner

    doesnt he more renowned for attacking than just defending.. and malaga also play fast football.. but do they have to sell

  • Guest

    what is he going to change.. he is cup tied so he wont be facing bayern if he is signed ofcourse..

    • cello

      I think finishing 4th for the last CL qualification spot should be our top priority this season.

      Our Sunday-league defence won’t stand a chance against Bayern anyway.

  • 1-1 draw. @shivams18

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  • baggy

    I luv henry so much.

  • cjt

    The title of your article lacks ‘tactical preperation’ not being mean, just sayin….

  • robert Roberth

    VJT – Who cares about the what his article lacks what so ever, Akshay made some good points there which has been Arsenal’s problems. We readers and Arsenal fans do not care how its written as long as we understand the contents.

  • AK

    Glad someone has finally noticed this. Everything from team selection to formation should be made with the opposition in mind, especially in knockout competitions where there is advanced notice on who you will be playing. RVP recently stated in an interview that one of the chief differences with United is that they always prepare especially for their next opponent. He went on to say that the goals they score come from careful scouting and training to expose their opponents weakness and tendencies. Arsene instead employs players out of position (Ramsey on the right, Theo up top by himself, etc.)

  • para realist

    The problem with AFC is that many players who previously would have wanted to go to Arsenal, do not want to go there anymore. WHY?
    Because of the obvious lack of coaching skills there. The team has become one dimensional, and even the lower teams are capable of beating arsenal now. ALL teams used to respect and fear Arsenal, today everyone wants to play them in order to beat them and better their own season, because it is easy. No wonder then that no players(big or new young ones) want to come to arsenal.
    Until this changes, the situation will stay the same.

    Sadly AW is one of the reasons too that new players refuse Arsenal, in his refusal to create a multi-faceted team. How can he stick to his one dimensional way of playing, never checks out the opposition, and create a game plan for that particular opposition.
    Until Arsenal become invincible again, we cannot just go out and play, this is not how the other teams are beaten. After all they also have good footballers, each with strengths and weaknesses, which Arsenal need to be aware of.
    AW NEVER talks to his players once the match has started, except perhaps at half time, when it sometimes is too late, for the opposition has already changed tactics again.
    This needs to change at once, else Arsenal will be a team that is not feared anymore, and worse, a laughing stock.

  • dave

    A bit negative i wud say..s there r issues.. no good manager wud say the actual things and difficulties he goes through at a club that he was part of to bring it this big

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  • US to deploy Aaron ramsey to stop north korea’s threat see details here

  • I fancy chelsea beating Man utd.
    Also i am pretty sure none of the 3 clubs will touch 70 points at the end.

  • phoenix

    load of crap…..too optimistic for all 3 teams

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  • Jake

    @51842ba746b1bf06b230c278f1178959:disqus . The teams finished 3, 2 and 1 point higher than predicted.

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  • GUN2012

    We don’t need a backup for Diaby? We need a replacement for Diaby.
    He was good for only 2-3 matches including Liverpool. He isn’t a world beater or saviour of Arsenal.
    Also he stated 2 years ago, that he’d like to play for Barca or Real. If he becomes the player that Wenger says he will become, he would surely try to force a move to either of the club.

    • Gunner Boy

      whenever he has played he has played well.. so we need to still wait maybe this might be the season

  • Gooner Boy

    these things will keep happening in the world of football… good clubs will come up with different means to still stay in top flight and fight for top cups all the time.. but the only issue is there will be more challenge .. not all players leave for money

  • romel dias

    your point being…?

    • divyaakshar

      the point is all about the way Wenger has been holding out on bringing in top talents due to their prize tag, which has not helped in his cause of building the club with strong foundations.

      • romel dias

        I thought as much that the article was a lot of gas…and I can see why.

        What exactly do you mean by top talents? and what price (not prize) tags are you talking about? Top talents like the 80 million Madrid paid for Ronaldo? Or the 66 million Barca paid for Ibrahimovich? Or maybe the 50 Chelsea paid for Torres?

        The point is that Arsenal is not going mad in the transfer window..and we have become a stronger club because of that. We nearly beat Chelsea to 3rd place last year…what has been our spending in the last 10 years? 47.6 million net…which is 467.9m less than Chelsea’s net spend in the same period!!! how have we fared in the last 10 years – 1 2 4 4 3 4 3 4 3 4

        You need a little bit of brain to understand how incredible that is…with the fact that we have had no angel (read ‘oil’) investor. We built a world class stadium on the basis of our own revenues (yes it was a loan..but we repaid it through our own revenues) and continued to stay in the top 4 even in the recession years.

        What is your point of strong foundations? Roman Abramovich and his personal money thrown at a Torres? Hahahahaa I so pity you

        • divyaakshar

          First to be very clear my friend, I am as true gooner as you are but
          in trying to make your point about the way wenger and the club had
          managed to achieve success without the backing of your so called ‘Angel
          investor’, you had completely missed by point of complementing the
          emirates with the stars who not only have great footballing skills and
          also have the ability to drag crowds into the stadium(and that for me is
          the ‘top’ footballing talent).

          You have started your argument
          by presuming that I am against the way wenger had managed this club,
          which I am not.I am fully supportive of wenger and his policies.

          was just tying to point out to one of many desires a true fan has with
          his club.What lack of brains are you talking, when you yourself need
          some in seeing the big picture about the lack of trophies we had and I
          was just trying to prove that ‘Galacticos’ idea can help wenger in his
          youth driven policies.

          That all this is about.

          • romel dias

            How can you point out ‘one of many desires a true fan has’?!?

            Spending like there is no tomorrow has never been the club policy? AW was brought in as a manager only because he has an astute sense of economy.

            A true fan recognises and celebrates that!

            Not a single member of the Invincible were stars when they were brought to Highbury..Henry wasn’t a star when we bought him…neither was Bergkamp…they became stars here as Gooners….so this premise about stars and relating it to bringing in crowds or trophys is so flawed that I cannot help but question the lack of brain again…

            Arsenal fans are fans of the beautiful game played in fantastic style and spirit….thats a true gooner…not the trophies. Its about David taking on Goliath…its about epic games that no one gives us a chance with.

          • Vivek

            I agree with you on most parts but that last part is flawed. Why do you want us to be a David? Isn’t this entire Emirates project focused on making us a super power?? I don’t buy the fact that you enjoy Arsenal being underdogs and no one giving us a chance in the big games but if that is true, you yourself are guilty of not being true to the club. True fans, we want the club to be the best and we’ll support it through thick and thin but we don’t desire our club to always be the underdogs for the big games……

          • Vivek

            You did write a absolutely vague article and I don’t think anyone would understand the logic behind it……those theories are flawed….what works for Real doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for Arsenal. Also, Real’s recent Galacticos drive has been anything but successful. Barcelona have been so dominating that Real should rather be ashamed as to how little those big bucks has proven to be reliable.

            And Arsenal played the League Cup final in 2011…not the FA Cup.

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  • Highbury gooner..

    Stop writing this fake comments, ARSENAL is not buying an quality player..The same old Wagner, try to fool the fans so that they could buy their Season Ticket.. Money marketing..

    • arsenal4life

      what did wenger do in this ??
      its the board that is the issue.. and its only 10 days into the transfer window.. so chill and relax…

    • Vivek

      Nothing is fake here mate…….This is what I believe……I may be wrong, but as of now, that’s my stance

    • romel dias

      who is Wagner?

    • romel dias

      …and anyway, the league we have stepped into is a league of shrewd men or fools…it takes shrewd men to collate data, understand a profile and hedge competent big money. The fools (read Chelsea) have no real talent scouts…wait for the real scouts to come up with a popular choice and then table bids greater than the talent can command (read Torres/Hazard/Oscar….damn it…the entire team falls into this category) and kill off the competition.

      Its taken Arsenal a long and arduous road to get here mate…and we’re here on our own steam..not in any position to skid on oil money 😛

      Getting our targets will take time and patience…and like the article said well enough…Arsene has started by putting on the fire and getting rid of the ‘deadwood’…now there isn’t any facade of squad depth…now is when we buy or fail the season…and I am willing to bet we will rock the market…and at the end of the year, we will rock the leagues

  • DialSquare1886

    You are a gullible fool to believe what Gazidis has been spouting. Arsenal fans see this happen season after season…. WAKE UP and smell the coffee you moron

    • Vivek

      Swear all you want………but would you be happy to acknowledge you are wrong if we impress this coming season??

  • Joe71

    20 years of age !!! I started supporting Arsenal in 1970, long before you were born mate, and you want to lecture me about my club and its politics?

    Isn’t 8 years of patience without trophy enough for you to realise that “In Arsene we trust” died a long time ago? Now let me and other readers on your site lecture you young man.

    What happened to the youth model of your beloved manager ? who was responsible of wasting money and resources on the deadwood you mentioned ? – 12 in one season is the highest number in league history. All we have seen so far is kids replacing the deadwood. Surely that should not be surprising to you? Wenger himself said he will never give up on the youth model!

    It is folks like you who believe in the lies of very rich people, because they trick you into parting with your money – that is how they became rich in the first place. There are many fools like you as Arsenal fans, and unless we say in unison that we will boycott the stadium and all the club’ merchandise until we see real investment, they will continue to fleece our pockets.

    • Gooner boy

      its easy to criticize too.. but the question is how do you built a grand stadium and be in the top 7( i am not even saying top 4 ) without spending much on strengthening the team.. even clubs that spend 100’s of millions are not guaranteed success every season.. so is there a formula for this then .. i dont believe in stan or IG too but at least i know the club is not going to win something for a couple more years but after that there will be good signs ..

    • Vivek

      If you’ve been supporting for 40 years, I can’t help but think who between us is the bigger fool!! Is that all you have to say after forty years? Jeez…….at least I am happy I’ve got better brains that a 50 year old…………I’d like to lecture you more or rather swear more but since I write here, I’ll hold back……….

  • Al2.0

    And you think this gives you power over Arsenal?? Really?? Wtf do you know about football?? U smelly indians cricket loving shit ass.. Don’t you fucking dare raise your voice against Wenger,, You piece of shit.. Stick to your bollywood shit… You fuckin assholes… You smelly shit holes.. Greatest Actor Amitabh Bachan.. I’ll hit him with a “Jaroo” if I ever come across him.. You fucked up Indians.. Go on and kiss Salman Khan’s ass.. Pathethic indians.. Stick to cricket or Kabadi or hockey.. Fucking Indians..

    • A Goon

      don’t have a clue which website you’re on , do you? This is an Arsenal
      SUPPORTERS website, And if you even had looked at this Article properly , with your eyes rather than your ass , you’d know what is being said. Rather than being a retarded cunt , you could probably put those eyes and fingers to good use, and actually READ before you comment.
      pretty shocking to know that you are among the Arsenal family…..
      Anyway this is good Article, and yes we are easily manipulated by the media…sad.

  • bad al

    absolute crap your talking nonsense arsenal have the quietest fans do you not remember the highbury liberary

    • Kritin Vij

      Arsenal might not be noisy but when it comes to showing support, they are one of the best.

      You should watch this. After the heavy defeat at the hands of Manchester United (8 – 2). Sitting at an away game (Old Trafford), after the game has ended, they decide to stay back and show the spirit of Arsenal. To never give up. To never back out. Tell me any other team’s fans who can actually do this.

  • micro

    As planned by who? If i may be allowed to ask

  • doc wally

    Delusional pom at best!Wenger is like a horse which has run its last race. Its time for him to go before he completely decimates the club!

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  • gooonerabc

    super puns 🙂

  • Frank Wilcox

    i love it,what a riot!!keep up the good word ,mate!!!

  • Jijo

    Haha, Nailed it Chand 🙂

  • HHS

    Good banter at the end.. but i kept wondering where that third factor was going to pop up.. and whats with the bucket load of cliches and phrases ! thank God Arsenal play so well.. reading this made me so drowsy ! I guess why other team fans hate us is pretty clear .. right royal arses writing webster dictionary extracts are not gooners.. And defining words from webster dictionary highlights idiocy ! Good luck writing ! The Sun and caught offside will be on your back pretty soon.

  • David

    Can you tell me where I can buy this?

    • where are u located.. check on amazon as its there always..

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  • Indian gooner

    one of the more sensible articles around… cheers mate!

  • Navin

    decent article

  • vaibhav bhurke

    champions league fixtures kab ayenge?

  • vaibhav bhurke

    league cup ke team name auto update honge?

  • Srikanta R Gunner Somayaji

    uhm…have you guys renewed last year’s league??

  • jon snow

    what the actual fuck was that m8

  • Ramachandran

    why there is very much activity on this site. I hope you guys include Preview, Match day and reports.

  • Goonerboy


  • Gunner

    good preview

  • Jijo

    Where is the Photoshop work? 😛

  • vinay C.P.

    Awesome because its about a magician called Mesut.

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  • Arsenal Fan

    never liked United.. the shitest team on the planet

  • Vinay

    Excellent as ever, pray hard to the spaghetti monster for we do need yours, mine and a lot more people’s prayers to get the win or else there comes the deluge.

  • Jijo

    Spaghetti Monster to the rescue, Burn them Clowns ,,/

  • mazzerooni

    great post thanks

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