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Eight Long Years of Bonding

For Eight long years, Arsenal have been without trophies. But, they have not been without their fans. Fans can do a lot when it comes to winning important matches. Crowd support is one of the main reasons for winning home games. When Arsenal lost to ManUtd, the fan section at Old Trafford stayed back instead of emptying the stands early and sang, “We believe in you, Arsenal!” While some fans continue to criticize the policies of Arsene, others have realised that this is the way to move forward. Piers Morgan, the famous critic, is one of the men who backs change. He continues to abuse Arsenal, Arsene and the fans who believe in Wenger.

There is absolutely little that any Arsenal supporter can do when he is shown the following link;
But if you look at it, think of it, then it is basically a ticker to show how long you have decided to stick with the one club you love instead of shifting loyalties. It is a reminder of how long you have placed the faith in your club. It shows your will power, strength, determined nature and trust in the club that it will do better. We should stick with it and never leave our club alone. We are what Arsenal is and that is hard working and awesome. So when someone shows you this website or tries to get to you by saying that number, tell them what it means. Tell them that their club will never have this kind of support and love. Tell them that they are the ones who are unfortunate.

I believe that these trophy-less years have left us with the strongest and the best group of supporters that there have ever been in the history of any sport. The fans continue to stay along the club and support it. There might have been clashes and some angry protests of change, but it all tells you that we are not in favour of changing clubs. We stick with Arsenal. With Arsene offloading players so quick, change is inevitable. A whole new line-up is set to take over at the reigns of the first 11 that he plays. Gervinho and Chamakh are moving out and with Bendtner’s deal not happening, Wenger might just give him a chance. In any case, Zelalem, Akpom and Miquel have stepped up. With a huge list of players who left the club at the end of previous season, there are a lot of spots left to be filled.

Some say, that we don’t even have the 25-man squad ready. If this is so, we should be expecting fireworks in the transfer market from Arsenal. Who will Wenger bring in, when almost all the available players have been snapped up by the rivals. Who knows? Probably the next Henry or Pires or Bergkamp? I say, we trust Wenger and let him do what he does the best… that is to make a team worthy of a place in the Hall of Fame.

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I love to play football and I love the way Arsenal play. I love playing football and programming stuff. I am currently a student at university of Washington and I love programming in C++.


  1. absolute crap your talking nonsense arsenal have the quietest fans do you not remember the highbury liberary

    • Arsenal might not be noisy but when it comes to showing support, they are one of the best.

      You should watch this. After the heavy defeat at the hands of Manchester United (8 – 2). Sitting at an away game (Old Trafford), after the game has ended, they decide to stay back and show the spirit of Arsenal. To never give up. To never back out. Tell me any other team’s fans who can actually do this.

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