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About Us! (AIS)





Hello there, fellow Gooner! Welcome to our blog, dedicated to and run by a few Arsenal fans from India! And even if you are not a Gooner, we welcome you as well!

We know there is no introduction necessary, as Arsenal is not just any old English football club. It is a tradition, a way of life. Arsenal blood flows in the veins of the Gooner, and we exhibit the spirit and tradition of one of the oldest clubs in the World wherever we are, as much in India as in London. Gooners will be Gooners, and you now have a place in India and rightfully so!

We at aim to create a community of supporters, fans and well-wishers of Arsenal F.C. from India and even all those Indians abroad who look for a place to share thoughts about the club and everything related to it. We also present tidbits about Football in India and even though it is less apparent, is very widely followed in the country. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t! So go ahead and have a great time! We will keep on updating these pages, as the blog is a baby just born and will grow stronger as the days go by!

See you around!



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