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How To Add Arsenal Fixtures to your Windows Phone Calendar

If you have a Microsoft Windows Smartphone (Nokia Lumia and the likes), you can add the fixtures of all Arsenal matches to your phone and desktop (Outlook) calendar. The match schedules as updated on will show up on your calendar Live Tile a day before the game. The entire fixture will be available in your calendar application once you tap the Calendar Live Tile on your home page. The best part is that this is a one-time process since this is actually a dynamic subscription from your account’s Outlook calendar synced to the fixtures file in their server so if they make any changes there it will automatically reflect in your calendar also! Here is how you do it:

What You Need:

A Microsoft Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia) 7.1 or above

A Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook email account connected to your phone (mandatory)

IMPORTANT: Use the same Hotmail/Outlook account on the computer that was used to register your Windows Phone. You can see which one this is in settings > email+accounts

What You Need to Do:

Sign in to your Hotmail/Outlook email account from your computer

You will see a dropdown arrow next to the “Outlook” logo on the homepage of your email page. Click that and select the “Calendar” tile from the panel that appears.

Click on “Import” on the top bar on the calendar page


Click on “Subscribe” on the left bar on the next page.


Select and copy the URL (addresses starting with webcal://) below of the calendar you require

(URLs are sole property of and are displayed here only for purposes of utilization under terms and conditions described on URLs appear on

Arsenal First Team Fixtures: webcal://

Arsenal Under 21 Fixtures: webcal://

Arsenal Ladies Fixtures: webcal://

Arsenal Youth Fixtures: webcal://

On the Import/Subscribe page on your Outlook calendar you had opened, paste the copied URL for the fixture you want in the “Calendar URL” box.

Give a name for your Calendar (Arsenal Fixtures or something)

Select a color and charm for your calendar

Click on Subscribe and you are done!


Go back to your calendar in your browser and refresh it. You can see the fixtures reflecting in the calendar as per your local time (as set up in your Hotmail account)!

Since your Windows Phone account is already connected to your Microsoft Hotmail account (it is not possible to operate a Windows Phone without a Microsoft account), this means that all these details are already updated in your Windows Phone calendar also!

Yes, it won’t be visible yet, you will have to sync the two parts of your accounts. For that on your Windows Phone, go to:

Settings > email+accounts

Press and hold the “Microsoft Listing” entry. An option saying “Sync” will appear. Press it and your accounts will start syncing. It can take one minute or 10 minutes according to your internet connection speed. Once that is done, go to your calendar and open it, you can see the fixtures neatly listed in order. You can add subscriptions to any number of fixture calendars for any number of teams or any calendars otherwise as long as there is a calendar subscription file supplied by them.

A day before the match, the fixture will appear on the Calendar Live Tile on your phone homescreen as well!

Arsenal Fixtures Windows Phone Calendar

Enjoy and let us hope for a great season! COYG!!

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