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3 points but performance sadly lacking


Big three points secured yesterday against a spirited Aston Villa side. We needed a performance to lift the spirits of the players, but sadly once again we were looking towards the heavens praying for the match to end during the last few minutes. If you are satisfied that the team needed an 85th minute goal to see off a side who have previously conceded 8 at Chelsea, and 5 at Manchester City and have the worst away record in the league, then you are clutching at straws. When was the last time we won a game handsomely without the fans having to experience cardio problems.

Once again we were treated to some pretty shocking defense play, which was analysed very well on Ooh to be a gunner.Only Arsenal could concede a goal from their own corner kick while leading a game; we wonder still why we cannot beat Bayern Munich.

During Friday ‘s press conference Wenger made some contradicting statements which were bordering on the lines of embarrassment.

1. There has been money to spend very recently ( last season he said we have the money to compete with Chelsea and Manchester City)
2. Money was not available to spend before (Eventhough it has been clear that there has been enough funds since 2008)
3. The current failures cannot be sorted by spending money.
4. The only way to close the gap with teams like Bayern Munich is to spend money

Wenger has found himself in such a situation that he will use anything as an excuse to explain the current failures at the club. These contradictory press conferences are becoming a recurring theme every time Arsenal face a difficult week, which in itself is gaining more frequency every year.

The manager has stated that Arsenal cannot afford to miss out on the top 4 spots not because of financial reasons but because of sporting reasons. Lets assume Arsenal do finish in top 4, will this mean they could be competing for the signatures of Cavani and Falcao?, who by the way seem pretty happy playing in the Europa League this season. The last genuine big name we bought was Arshavin in 2009, and while in devestating form that season was dropped in the FA Cup semi final vs Chelsea. Tottenham are playing in the Europa League, but they had no problem attracting Lewis Holtby, whose former club Schalke are still in the Champions League.

Even if Arsenal were to prize a big name player and bring him to the Emirates, Wenger will have to break his so called socialist wage structure at the club to accommodate him and secondly within the space of 12 months the player ‘s confidence will be shot to pieces. As we have seen with players like Vermaelen and Arshavin, who had great reputations in their leagues when they arrived, now look the shadow of the players they once were. If you are badly coached and disorganized and even if you earn £250k a week it will not make a difference. Wenger is paid more than any other manager in the world to sort these defeciencies out but only time he spends on the training ground is practising technique.

If you beg to differ with this, have a look at how Kolo Toure and Gael Clichy played against Chelsea for Manchester City. Both players had their fair share of difficulties at Arsenal and were made scapegoats during the many defensive blunders which took place, but now both players have rebuilt their confidence and do not look to hide while under pressure defensively.

No person is allowed to stay in any job based on sentiment and past reputation, when his place could be taken by a person far more efficient. The players especially deserve better, players like Arshavin who inspired Zenit to win the UEFA Cup has found his career stalled for the last two seasons. If we keep contemplating what change or difference another manger could make, nothing in life would ever change. Its one of the reasons why the President of the United States, however efficient or brilliant does not get more than 8 years.

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  1. The problem with AFC is that many players who previously would have wanted to go to Arsenal, do not want to go there anymore. WHY?
    Because of the obvious lack of coaching skills there. The team has become one dimensional, and even the lower teams are capable of beating arsenal now. ALL teams used to respect and fear Arsenal, today everyone wants to play them in order to beat them and better their own season, because it is easy. No wonder then that no players(big or new young ones) want to come to arsenal.
    Until this changes, the situation will stay the same.

    Sadly AW is one of the reasons too that new players refuse Arsenal, in his refusal to create a multi-faceted team. How can he stick to his one dimensional way of playing, never checks out the opposition, and create a game plan for that particular opposition.
    Until Arsenal become invincible again, we cannot just go out and play, this is not how the other teams are beaten. After all they also have good footballers, each with strengths and weaknesses, which Arsenal need to be aware of.
    AW NEVER talks to his players once the match has started, except perhaps at half time, when it sometimes is too late, for the opposition has already changed tactics again.
    This needs to change at once, else Arsenal will be a team that is not feared anymore, and worse, a laughing stock.

  2. A bit negative i wud say..s there r issues.. no good manager wud say the actual things and difficulties he goes through at a club that he was part of to bring it this big

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