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Arsene Wenger’s job is safe – for now

The future of Arsene Wenger has been much discussed in the last few days, but according to reports, his job is safe for the time being.
Following a disastrous week that saw the Gunners crash out of the FA Cup to Blackburn Rovers and concede a 3-1 first-leg lead to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, many were calling for the Frenchman’s head.
There is also set to be a meeting between Wenger and the club’s board this week, but this is nothing out of the ordinary and the manager’s future will NOT be up for discussion. For the time being, they are backing their man.
You can see why too. Would sacking someone that has achieved so much with Arsenal, at this stage of the season, really be the wisest decision?
In reality, the only goal they have to chase between now and the end of the campaign is a place in the top four. Despite their struggles, surely Wenger is the best man to ensure this happens?
Throughout his time at the club there have been some disappointing campaigns – not least the last eight seasons without a trophy – but a place in the Champions League has rarely been in doubt.
If Wenger can guide Arsenal to 4th place at the very least, the club can then sit back and assess the situation in the summer. The timing would be much better suited for the club’s philosophy and for finding a suitable replacement.
After all, which managers would be attracted to taking over at Arsenal midway through a season where silverware is not an option? They would run the risk of missing out on the top four as well.
Without question though, this weekend’s match at home to Aston Villa is significant. If the Gunners suffer a third home defeat of the week, it could change the board’s thinking.
For now though, Wenger is their man and they are sticking by him.


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