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Wengers Replacement : Eddie Howe ?

Today with Daily Star Reporting that Eddie Howe is looked as Wenger replacement all the media have taken up the data and posting it on their sites.




We dont know the authenticity of the news however would want to treat this like any other transfer rumor.  With Wenger coming into the last 12 months of his existing contract all kind of news about who would replace him has come out and even a news of Wenger to take up the England job. But this is all speculation .


Yes things not looking best at the club and a section of the fans asking for  a new man but that doesnt take away what wenger is to the club and what he has done for Arsenal . Like how most fans believe we also feel it will be Wenger who would decide when would be the right time to leave and it need not be this season. He always respects his contract but if he finds the project that he started with the building of the stadium to be incomplete , one can except him to have another term as manager at Arsenal .

About Howe whats impressive is the fact that he got Bournemouth to stay in the premiere league against all odds. Again his record with the club is impressive. He has won more than half of the 250 games he has managed. His rise to a manager role is impressive too when he was made their player coach at an early age of 29. His last season work with Bournemouth has indeed increased his stock considerably.

But its too early to say if he is the right fit for Wenger but who ever replaces Wenger will have his stamp of approval all over . Dont think its the right time to speculate . Yes the coming season is going to be a test for everyone managing the club. The summer transfer is one part of the big test and holding the fan community together is another test and then finishing the season on a high would be put as the final test.

Irrespective of all this come this December we will know what will happen to Wenger saga as to if he woud stay or give the go ahead for a new Manager.


Have a good day Gooners !!


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