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Do we support a ‘Galacticos’ project at Arsenal?
Do we support a ‘Galacticos’ project at Arsenal?

Do we support a ‘Galacticos’ project at Arsenal?


It has been 8 years since Wenger had hold the league trophy and 2 years since our team had played the final of any major tournament(if one considers F.A. cup then). Since moving to the dreaded ‘Emirates’ the moments to cheer had been very few. All we had seen are some moments to cheer here and there, whether it was the FA cup final in 2011 or the win against the mighty Bayern side in 2012 champions’ cup. But most of the time it was the stars leaving the club for greener pastures and club being reluctant to part with the cash to bring in new stars to fill the void. Situations like the Walcott saga is just the tip of the iceberg of the larger systemic failure of the club’s contract philosophy.

If any of you had read the recent statements of Florentino Perez regarding him being ready to pay as much as 57 million to lure Neymar at Real or his ‘Galacticos project’ to bring in top talents at any prize around 30-40 million or even 80 for some special talent to play for the Spanish giants, makes a very logical response when we see the number of trophies Real had won during this period and the number of major tournaments they had represented. All this argument is further supported by looking at the amount of marketing revenue and sponsorship they had earned by literally selling these ‘Galacticos’ name to the fans. These stars not only bring in bags of talent to the game but their presence drags the fans into the stadium, thereby earning more ticketing revenue.

‘High revenues each game’, Isn’t this what Wenger had been trying to achieve by building the ‘Emirates’. What if the new stadium is complimented by these top European talents giving fans a reason to cheer and the club some extra revenue to spend on Wenger’s favorite ‘Youth development’ programs. All this will mark the beginning of a new ‘Gunner Galacticos’ era at arsenal which surely will make the club reach the old heights.


  1. your point being…?

    • the point is all about the way Wenger has been holding out on bringing in top talents due to their prize tag, which has not helped in his cause of building the club with strong foundations.

      • I thought as much that the article was a lot of gas…and I can see why.

        What exactly do you mean by top talents? and what price (not prize) tags are you talking about? Top talents like the 80 million Madrid paid for Ronaldo? Or the 66 million Barca paid for Ibrahimovich? Or maybe the 50 Chelsea paid for Torres?

        The point is that Arsenal is not going mad in the transfer window..and we have become a stronger club because of that. We nearly beat Chelsea to 3rd place last year…what has been our spending in the last 10 years? 47.6 million net…which is 467.9m less than Chelsea’s net spend in the same period!!! how have we fared in the last 10 years – 1 2 4 4 3 4 3 4 3 4

        You need a little bit of brain to understand how incredible that is…with the fact that we have had no angel (read ‘oil’) investor. We built a world class stadium on the basis of our own revenues (yes it was a loan..but we repaid it through our own revenues) and continued to stay in the top 4 even in the recession years.

        What is your point of strong foundations? Roman Abramovich and his personal money thrown at a Torres? Hahahahaa I so pity you

        • First to be very clear my friend, I am as true gooner as you are but
          in trying to make your point about the way wenger and the club had
          managed to achieve success without the backing of your so called ‘Angel
          investor’, you had completely missed by point of complementing the
          emirates with the stars who not only have great footballing skills and
          also have the ability to drag crowds into the stadium(and that for me is
          the ‘top’ footballing talent).

          You have started your argument
          by presuming that I am against the way wenger had managed this club,
          which I am not.I am fully supportive of wenger and his policies.

          was just tying to point out to one of many desires a true fan has with
          his club.What lack of brains are you talking, when you yourself need
          some in seeing the big picture about the lack of trophies we had and I
          was just trying to prove that ‘Galacticos’ idea can help wenger in his
          youth driven policies.

          That all this is about.

          • How can you point out ‘one of many desires a true fan has’?!?

            Spending like there is no tomorrow has never been the club policy? AW was brought in as a manager only because he has an astute sense of economy.

            A true fan recognises and celebrates that!

            Not a single member of the Invincible were stars when they were brought to Highbury..Henry wasn’t a star when we bought him…neither was Bergkamp…they became stars here as Gooners….so this premise about stars and relating it to bringing in crowds or trophys is so flawed that I cannot help but question the lack of brain again…

            Arsenal fans are fans of the beautiful game played in fantastic style and spirit….thats a true gooner…not the trophies. Its about David taking on Goliath…its about epic games that no one gives us a chance with.

          • I agree with you on most parts but that last part is flawed. Why do you want us to be a David? Isn’t this entire Emirates project focused on making us a super power?? I don’t buy the fact that you enjoy Arsenal being underdogs and no one giving us a chance in the big games but if that is true, you yourself are guilty of not being true to the club. True fans, we want the club to be the best and we’ll support it through thick and thin but we don’t desire our club to always be the underdogs for the big games……

          • You did write a absolutely vague article and I don’t think anyone would understand the logic behind it……those theories are flawed….what works for Real doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for Arsenal. Also, Real’s recent Galacticos drive has been anything but successful. Barcelona have been so dominating that Real should rather be ashamed as to how little those big bucks has proven to be reliable.

            And Arsenal played the League Cup final in 2011…not the FA Cup.

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