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Valentine’s Day Special: Henry Talks About His Love!


_57623664_henryvliverpoolArsenal Legend Theirry Henry has confessed his love for arsenal time and time again. Off late Arsenal fans have not had many occasions to rejoice. But every year they have one special moment to remember for long, Last year it was their all-time Top scorer’s return on a short loan spell, the year before it was the match against Barcelona at the Emirates, This season they haven’t had anything very special, expect for that 7-5 comeback against reading. Henry trained with them in January but the much expected loan spell didn’t happen this time around. He has once again revealed his willingness to return to Arsenal in any form, probably he’d be aiming at some coaching role.

“All I know is that I will be involved in the game for sure and hopefully be involved with Arsenal because that is the heart talking there, that’s the team that I support. Forget about me as a player, that’s the team I support,” he said.

“In any type or shape, if I can go back to the club I would love to do it, but it’s not up to me. That would be a desire, more a desire than something that can be officialised, I still have two years playing here and then I will see.”


Henry has also backed Arsenal boss Arsene wenger, who has had many criticisms this season more than ever.
Talking about his Fatherly figure, he said, “When you don’t win, people constantly question your work and your legitimacy. Everything you have achieved previously is forgotten.

“For me, these are things that are hard to hear, difficult to live. It’s sad, but it’s football. I know what Arsène Wenger has done for this club, in my eyes he will always be a great man.”


Those pictures would be the most precious picture they’d have ever clicked.

He will be a great addition to the Arsenal system, Henry knows about the culture and tradition of Arsenal and is one of the most respected and loved personality at the club. Many of the current players like Theo Walcott are a big fan of him, and have him as their Role model. So being able to work with him day in and day out will make a world of difference. Theo Walcott in his recent interview said that he had a chat with Henry of about an Hour, and it was one of the most useful One hour he has ever spent in his life time he said, Imagine what would happen if he trains him day in and day out. The only problem we might face is, if Henry is sitting in the dugout, Arsenal fans would chant about him more than the on-field players. Remember Emirates crowd going crazy when he returned to emirates for Emirates cup with NY Red Bulls? We’d see that scene every match day then.



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