Friday , 19 October 2018
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Cannon Fodder: Thoughts on Wenger, Arsenal and beyond

Howdy friends?! I hope things are doing well in your lives, better than the Arsenal portion at least. After the ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: A Bullet through the Skull

Hello lads! I doff of my hat to the ladies. I’m afraid this will have to be a short one. ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: What happens when you fire a cannon at a flock of swans?

Greetings gentle denizens of Gooneristhan, my last few posts have been a little sporadic and you’ll have to forgive me ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Wage Rumors + Football Darwinism

Hey Ho! Hope all u crazy footie fans out there are doing fine while the world mocks the idiots who ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: The Erosion of Support

Hullo there lads and ladies! We meet again post trouncing of a frankly woeful side that evidently deserves to drop ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Cough, Cold and an ailing Arsenal

Hello Goonerists! I’ve been away on a mini-sabbatical; a short trip back home to attend a cousin’s wedding meant some ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Show us the Money!

Greetings and Salutations brothers & sisters of the Goonerland! Hope you have had a good week. I was a little ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Interaction and Interjection

Afternoon Ladies and Gents… Coming to you live from the middle of some boring place with my half-baked and stale opinion ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Who art thy Father?

Hey Ho! Have you chaps ever noticed that it’s always a beautiful day after Arsenal wins? The grass seems greener, ... Read More »

Cannon Fodder: Agony, Misery & Optimism

  Good Evening All!! It’s a rather pleasant day here in the middle of no-where, but the weather is last ... Read More »

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