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There is a lot of Positivity for Today

Hi there Goonerfamily. I expected a lot of bashing for yesterdays post and for what i said but that didnt happen maybe because a lot of you didn’t read it or felt it made a bit of sense. As long as as no one goes crazy on what i wrote but just disagrees to the points i made, i think i am fine. Its a new and fresh day today and there are a lot of positives for us today. Its match-day and whats not more positive than that for us fans. On the squad news we had got Gibbs, Sagna, Ramsey all back in training and it was confirmed that Monreal would also travel to Turkey for the CL qualifier. Thats brilliant news to what we had feared to believe after the villa game.



Wenger in the presser was quoted as saying

” I would just like to reiterate to you that in last 16 years we have been very successful with transfers. If you look at the players we have , they are top quality and you should never forget that it is not always to think what is outside is better than what you have. What is important as well is to rate what you have and our fans have to understand that as well. Its hard but i can understand the impatience. ”

Lets give some credit to the man. He has given it all to the club in all these years but sadly this is not what i want him to come out and talk . .Unfortunately the gentleman nature of wenger is what is making him as an easy target for all of us. I would prefer him coming out and talking on the challenges he face to get some easy targets done earlier in the transfer window or if its still a challenge to get players since we dont make automatic qualification to cl but need to go through a qualifier to confirm our existence in CL. Sadly the man would never do that and maybe one day when he comes out with his autobiography we all might know what exactly was the problem. I think that’s enough on that topic lets move on

Wenger went on to say

” I am not happy when our fans are not happy because my job is to make them happy. But i cannot listen every min to every state of mind. I have to focus on and what i always do -what is important for this club ”

lets leave it there and now lets judge him in 4 parts this season. One would be the CL qualification. Second would be how we did during the transfer window . Third where we end up at the end of the season and Fourth definitely how competitive we were in all competitions. So lets wait till the end of the season then to talk on this quote of his and i hope and pray he delivers . I for one want him to leave on a High at the end of this season.

Now back to the game, i dont know why but i see a lot of positivity  for this game. One more for the fact that this team in the last few seasons have bounced back stronger when they were pushed low and second because of all the improvement in fitness for most of the first team players. A couple of days we all were thinking and some were complaining if we would even have a first team to play but looks like we have a descent team that would play in turkey.The only omission from last at villa is Aox and i am 100% sure he wouldn’t be missed much. The season starter was a lot different, it had some sad referee decisions and injuries and sadly because of the lack of a quality bench we suffered. You got to remember we started that game on a high till the first goal . If we can play the same tempo and style throughout the game i am sure we will get a descent result in Turkey. I see Podolski starting on the left and i hope he has a wonderful game.

I am going for a 2-0 win . Am i ambitious or day dreaming only time will tell.. Let me see if i am good at predicting. You can find me on twitter @jomymathewjose. You can share you feedback or suggestions below or if you personally want to slap or hug me catch me on Twitter as that is the closest i will be to you ever 🙂

Enjoy the game and do share feedback.

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I talk walk sleep dream football and follow the best club in world--> Arsenal. Been a fan for ages. A big crictic. Not a blind believer of people but a strong believer in the club. Will always back the players and managers at the club till they are there and will never talk abt the ones who leave unless they are legends. Will never get into an argument about the club because I feel as a fan we all have a say and idea about the club and it is very personal while one talks about the club Have Red Level and AST Membership and part of Bangalore Gunners Group

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  1. Delusional pom at best!Wenger is like a horse which has run its last race. Its time for him to go before he completely decimates the club!

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