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Request to all Supporter Groups :Its Time 4 Action Bec we shown Enough Patience


I normally dont write but when there is a platform that AIS gives through a site whay not take it up and maybe get a chance to be heard to other fans . Before you start reading let me be very clear that i am not taking a swing at the board or the manager or players( they actually should never get into any debate from anyone as they have their limitations). All i am going to do is to request fans to change and maybe put across my thoughts as to why we need to change to see an immediate change. We need this change because i feel we are the change that this Wonderful Club needs more than at the board level or manager level or ceo or owner level. And if we as a fan can change and get stronger we could get those immediate or faster fixes that everyone wants to see at the club to make it move forward and maybe compete for titles and not just make them sit back , relax and fight it out for a 2nd,3rd,4..6th spot.

So what do i Want? Lets face it as an overseas fan all i can do is have the same if not more passion than the ones over there in UK who watch or go for Arsenal matches after shelling out a lot of their hard earned money, BUT i cannot assume to talk or act on twitter or facebook like them bec how they see things is a lot different to how i read and see things at the club and thats a straight different if not the biggest. So if i say something about a change in manager or at board level or add members to the board or on some silent characters noone over at Afc, who is capable of taking decisions, will care a FUCK.If we need immediate change we need the fans over there to ask for the change.A protest here and there will showcase the presence of some fans or groups and can even force the club to talk to them or engage them about 5 to 7 times a year but will we see immediate changes ,I doubt that.

All i am asking for is to all the supporters groups to come together to show a stronger and unified protest than just sending their stand or view point to the CEO when we loose a match on the opening day of the season. I am not saying what they done is wrong .All of these supporters groups are doing wonderful and painful work, they may differ in their working styles and principles but you cannot questioon their ambitions to make fan support better or get the club reach even bigger heights. But are they able to make immediate changes , I doubt and i feel they need to get together to mobilise more members who are fans to get faster actions


My suggestion would be for all of them to let the club know that they need to act by this weekend and put it as an ultimatium and if not the next matchday (even if its NLD ) sees a boycott irrespective of the club buying after this weekend . And if they can get a majority of the fans to stay at home lossing on what they spend for that match , i feel it would send a stronger message to all the ones at higher posts at the club .Let us as fans understand that our balls can be pulled up and we wouldnt allow those to just hang there and do nothing.

Will there be changes if someone even does this after listening to me , my answer would be I dont know bec i am no GOD. But will it have an effect i bet all that money that we have in the bank ( 150 M i guess) for it. I am not asking for 100 M to be spend within in the deadline day , all i am asking is cant they spend about 60 to 70 M on transfers including transfer and wages fee put together.Does it look wrong to ask or force them to do that.

Some of you woudl ask what am i smoking and why am i talking rubbish or also the fact that if we as fans do something like this what would the football community say or talk of us as fans. All i would say is this would be better than some idiot rival fan walking up to you and asking “HAS YOU KIDS GROWN UP AT THE CLUB” . The deadline and what i suggested would not be practical or something that make sense but what i am trying to say is the groups and fans need to come together and show their strength in some way. Done wait for the AGM in Oct to ask questions. What if we get another season again like this. Last season we had games where we didnt do 3 substititions ( there is no rule that says you need to do 3 ) but if its a regular process in a lot of matches it clearly shows we were weak as a squad.Come this summer we sold most of our deadwood but where are their replacements. I understand that there is a possibility of our transfer not working bec our entry to CL is not yet confirmed but then i would think its works for a marequee signing like a suarez or rooney. I am asking for players like gervinho who has confidence playing at home and maybe who cud help us better as a squad.

I didnt write this bec of our loss against Villa since its just one game and you cannot judge Wenger and Arsenal after a few games but after the season ends.. BUt i am not ready to increase by Blood Pressure from this season even before we reached December. The thing is we might have a draw or a win this mid week and then a couple of signings and maybe 2 on the last day , a NLD win and everyone would come out and say we are back BITCHES and will start praising the manager and board and who not.. once the season is over where we might have finished 3rd or 4th the struggle continues.. I want that struggle to stop .. I am not going to publice or share this article with anyone on the social media as i think what i spoke of is my thoughts but If you think i made even 60 % sense then forward this to the supporter groups like AST, BSM, Redaction, ASIA, Official London supporters about the stupid idea i came out with .. And if you think u want share your thougths you can get on twitter ( @jomymathewjose ) because thats the place where you can come closer to hugging or slapping me . I am not expecting people to think want i wrote makes sense but i dont mind the bashing or good feedback (if ever i get one ) there..

I am hoping for a change and maybe for the BETTER.. take care and i pray and i hope we do well in the CL qualifiers  🙂


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I talk walk sleep dream football and follow the best club in world--> Arsenal. Been a fan for ages. A big crictic. Not a blind believer of people but a strong believer in the club. Will always back the players and managers at the club till they are there and will never talk abt the ones who leave unless they are legends. Will never get into an argument about the club because I feel as a fan we all have a say and idea about the club and it is very personal while one talks about the club Have Red Level and AST Membership and part of Bangalore Gunners Group

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