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Will The real ARSENE please stand up ?!?

First of all I would like to say, I am biggest Arsene Wenger fan. I just love that man. He is s committed to the club, puts the club in front of any other thing. I look up to him, I want a picture of him framed in my room, He inspires me. People say after they die, they want Morgan freeman to narrate their life story, but for me it would be ARSENE WENGER, I even love the way he talks. It’s like when you love a person too much you tend to like every single thing about them. I do. From ‘Arsene who’ to ‘Arsene knows’ he has destroyed every single doubt people had in him, when he arrived. Winning silverware’s from the word GO!



And making history by creating the ’49ers’, still no team has gone past us, I mean big team, in a big league . Please don’t talk like man utd fans stating some street football team going some 60 games unbeaten or teams from the past (One man utd fan did, they are one kind. You cannot change that) in modern day football this kind of domination is almost impossible. and thanks to inter Milan for halting Juventus right there on 49. I was so happy,every arsenal fan would’ve been. Even with those offside goals you couldn’t do it ? Old lady, poor you!. I Respect them for their achievements but would be nice if they had done that in a clean way rather than doing it with the help of those offside goals and stuff. So again the point is made clear to the footballing world, No one can better the ’49ers’..Don’t even bother trying it, seriously!   So coming back to the point i just want you people to realize i’m not knee-jerking. I want to talk real sense, I’ll try my best to that at least. ‘Arsene who’ – ‘Arsene knows’ – ‘We want our Old arsene please‘ (some even say Arsene out) To those who are calling for arsene’s head, you people have no idea about what he has done to this club ? I’m sure you all will be moaning one day when he’s gone which i hope is really very-far away. He has lifted the club, and carried us in his shoulder when we are supposed to take a fall, a deep fall.

We had a very tough time after Geroge graham had left our club, we needed some revolution to happen, John Cross says arsenal were about to bring Arsene wenger to arsenal in 1995 but for some reason or the other they couldn’t, but then again in 1996 we brought him. For a club who needed to be lifted up from a fall, who would bring in a young un-known French lad?  That too doing it in a club like Arsenal, you need to be brave. That shows how brave this club is, So people should not think,we sticking to Arsene wenger inspite of the bad run is because we are afraid, but they really believe in Arsene, you can say back then.. we had Dein now we have Ivan, but PHW was there then when we signed that un-known French man, he and Dein took the decision, Ask dein and PHW now, they still trust in Wenger. He can’t do wrong to this club, when he sees the club going down, he’ll quit, there can’t be any other person wishing good for this club more than that man does. He loves the club just like how you and I do.

“My love for arsenal has never faded, it will never fade, I will never give up – Arsene wenger.”



He gives his all, Day-in and Day-out. People have to realize we are in a transition period, every club goes through it. Change is inevitable; you can’t safe guard from that. Sticking by people during the tough times is the best thing we can do. Building a new stadium is a huge task, espiecially for arsenal who don’t have owners like those Russian money spill-er or that oil company owner who just spills out the money on their clubs like oil spilling out from a ship to ocean, And the money he spills out in the footballing world is as dangerous as the oil that spills out into the ocean, is a humongous task indeed. But having these American (stan kroenke) who sees his profit more than the clubs position. I wish football had more moderate owners, who can spend when the club needs and spend intelligently and in a fair manner. I wish it will happen only when someone like Arsene owns a club or if our board could bring back David Dein.

Arsenal have spent a lot less than many other PL teams in the Arsene-era.

Arsenal have spent a lot less than many other PL teams in the Arsene-era.

So this transition from Highbury to Emirates was no easy. It had put the club through a big debt. Arsene’s magic played a big role in bringing down the debt and making arsenal profitable again.We could have fallen like how Liverpool did, i remember the picture where two of ex-liverpool owners talking to each other “you don’t have any money ? the other one- no i thought you had” They haven’t recovered from that. Selling Alonso,Mascherano, Torres.. they haven’t been able to do good from that. Even with lot of money available now, they are not able to do it. But we did, we do. Even amid-st all the debt,players leaving,we have managed to stay there, right at top 4. Arsene deserves the credit. Even after knowing all these what do we ? Boo him, Chant ‘you don’t know what you are doing’ to the man who has taken the stature of the club to completely new level. He deserves some repsect, doesn’t he ? He has to fight against some clubs with big money and CRAZY owners, He has to fight teams who seduce his players with big salaries and steal them, and fight these people with a board like ours.Doing all these , Sacrificing his best part of life for this club when he had offers from clubs like PSG and his very own national team and still being questioned by people, his own people, who enjoy the victories he gave them, and now fail to stand at his end when he needs. All i can do is feel sorry for him. Things have not been going the way he wanted.

Some stats of ARSENE WENGER

Some stats of ARSENE WENGER

Finishing fourth every season, are we happy about it ? NO, and we are right about not being happy. This is arsenal, we are not supposed to be a top 4 team, we are supposed to challenge for titles. Are we been able to do that no ? What has gone wrong ? Has Arsene lost his touch ?
 I see a very calm and composed wenger now, than during his early days. He often used to have a spat with his fellow managers, Martin Jol,Kenny,Pardrew,Jose,Alex.. the list goes on. These were times when Arsene would lose his cool more often than now. But i guess arsene is more matured now. But I guess losing your cool could help you sometimes, especially when you handle a young team. We all know Fergie’s Hair dryer treatment. I don’t want wenger to be that arrogant, but they say players fear to face fergie after a loss. Is that the case with arsene ? I don’t think so. Arsene should have lost his cool when he saw Andre Santos play like utter waste against Man Utd, he should have blasted him off. I hope he did say something. Arsenal Legend Tony Adams that he was scared seeing Andre play. Only your opponents are supposed to be scared at the way you play, not your own players,manager or fans, Sigh! I wish arsene was a bit more aggressive, when Judas told him who he should sign, he should have made him sit the entire season in the bench and showed him who is the boss here, but we know arsene is a classy guy, smiling at the guy who even stabbed at his back, Oh Arsene I know how it feels.


I remember reading that, Arsene when he first came, banned players using alcohol, Mars chocolate bars. For the first game, some players were chanting “we want our mars bars, we want our mars bars” for a foreign manager who has just come in and managing people who has so much experience, It’s a bold thing to do, that too considering the criticism and doubts around him.



We can ask ‘where has that arsene gone ? ’ I’m not frustrated just because of the trophy drought, ofcourse I’m but what frustrates me more is that, I have a feeling Arsene is ok with all these, fourth place finish, critics saying “See we told you”, we are making what say a truth, He is ok with this below-par performances. Loosing should not be an option, I’m sure it was not for the likes of lauren,adams,henry, bergkamp. All these players were World class yes, but to make a team go an season fully UNBEATEN, World class players is not enough, you need that attitude, never dying spirit, you need that Heart, When you could inspire that team to achieve such greatness, why not inspire this team, Arsene ? These money spilling owners of other clubs should not bother you, you are way better than this, Are we just seeing a shadow of your past ? What are you waiting for ? When people questioned you when you just came into England asking “Arsene who” you proved them who you are, Now here we again have the similar people saying “Wenger out”, “wenger has lost it” how could you be ok with it ? Turn things around, prove them wrong, Do it for the people who stand at your end even after this not-so-great 7 years. I know you have been stabbed at the back, I know people have betrayed you,the trust you had, I know the team you built has broken down into pieces, but we cannot cry over it now, we have to win over this. LET DO THIS SIR. Please. Spend some money, enough of holding it for the next manager, let see the present, lets win trophies, lets taste some success, Future will take care of itself, People like Jack will. Just show these people a taste of winning. They say the tiger will be calm only till it doesn’t know the taste of the blood. Once it does it won’t be the same. Lets show the taste of blood to these young lads, It will make them better,  Be it any cup, Lets just win something. You have show us, the fans.. the taste of the blood(success) Now we are hungry, 7 years without it.. we are hungry for it, So hungry that some even have started calling for your head. Lets prove them wrong Arsene, Drive us to glory. A trophy to arsenal will not only be a Victory to Arsenal or Arsene wenger, it will be a victory to the Beautiful Game, Winning over the satans of the game (money). The victory would be Historical!!

To my fellow gunners : I know we have not been as successful as we expect our team to be, we have taken a fall..every team does. It’s very important that we stand behind the team and manager during their tough times,it’s our duty to do so, I believe Arsene can bring the glory days back, We are ARSENAL we are not chelsea or man city, we defend some good values .Let’s get behind the team, Boo’ing doesn’t help the cause. Moaning doesn’t. Supporting the team when it is down will surely help,  Will surely push the players to do well. THIS IS OUR TEAM, HE IS OUR MANAGER. THIS IS OUR BEAUTIFUL ARSENAL. Let get behind them. VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT!!




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  1. Well written..the last question of Wenger to win is what we all want but is he up for it is still debatable..but good job with the blog..

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