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It’s been a long time coming. The numerous criticisms, the lashing of the pundits, the seeming deterioration of the once known and feared Arsenal might were all about to be answered. But to all gooners in London and across the world the question was when?

It has all changed however, and the sunny day of the 17th of may 2014 shall be forever etched in the minds of the gooners as the day their nine years of chagrin was converted into sheer delight, as well as the day their eyes could not stop the tears rolling out of it while witnessing a quiet old man gently standing at the sidelines looking at his players who he hoped would put the monkey off his back and so they did, thus finally ending a drought, a dreadful one.

The FA cup is finally our this year, as London is again after 9 years of waiting  painted in the famous “Red and white”, a colour it was once so used to gliding in the London wind, as the Arsenal were the strong and the mighty and all others clubs from the city bowed before it’s invincibility and competence. But more than anything this year’s FA cup is for our Arsene.

Despite being a total unknown he was a man who changed the very foundation of Arsenal Football and infused in the club a playing style which is still appreciated by footballers and fans alike due to its purity, elegance and imagery. Even more important is the fact that this man is important to English football. He was able to not only help an English club create records that all other foreign clubs shall envy due to its dominant and imposing stature (the 2003 Invincibles season), but also because he popularized the trend of uniting world football by scouting and bringing foreign players into the english league, something which is so commonly followed nowadays that it barely holds any newness or relevance. But the relevance lies in the fact that this trend popularised by Arsene Wenger improved the English football’s overall competence and playing quality bringing it to the forefront of world club football.

But alas how unfortunate is the fact that other clubs who started emulating the vision of our Arsene went on to dominate European and world club football alike while he quietly endured a depressing loss to a mighty Barcelona at the final of UEFA champion’s league 2006, a match that Arsenal should have won.

It is true that Arsene wenger has his way of doing things that is stubborn at times and at times confusing to us fans. But surely he is not the most successful Arsenal manager for a reason. Helping the Arsenal Football club continue to make profits despite spending millions on the building of a world class football ground is an achievement in itself. I personally as an Arsenal fan doubt that other great managers could even emulate this feat. But Arsene wenger has done it for Arsenal, though at the cost of a drought that made the same fans who prayed him as a God question his way, the Arsene way and thus began a campaign of “Thank you Arsene, but it’s time to go!!” But did he deserve it?

This man with a calm nature is a proven goldsmith with a reputation of turning unpolished metal into pure and unadulterated gold. This man has also definitely influenced the Arsenal Management to expect of him lots of profits irrespective of how Arsenal’s results faired at the EPL table and other competitions. Infact, we fans admit that he has committed some serious mistakes, especially, not being able to hold back some key players who may have helped Arsenal end the drought way before the ninth year of waiting. His hesitance to buy players annoy us and will continue to do so if the next season also features an Arsenal team without a potent centre forward, a right back and a long term signing of a defensive midfielder to replace Arteta in the future. But does that make him deserving to be called as a “specialist in failure” ?

This is why Arsenal needed this year’s FA cup more than anybody else. If not for the fans but for our loving Arsene wenger. Children grow up and become more mature, sometimes to an extent that they start questioning their parents way of doing things. But isn’t it a fact that a child rarely sees a father’s success as his own but do enjoy the perks of his success, but when a child wins, it’s a win for the father too. That sums up Arsene’s feelings for the club that he has nurtured since 1996. It is only obvious therefore, that a man who had to endure his 1000th game as a manager of the greatest London football club with a heartache brought at the hands of the second greatest London club deserved nothing more than the oldest and the most reputed football trophy of England, The Football Association Cup.

So its ARSENAL 1 – MR JOSE’S CLUB 0, in this calendar year , so much for the “specialist in failure” tagline Mr Mourinho! Perhaps it’s time for you now to repair your Bus, damaged at the hands of Athletico Madrid while for us it’s time to enter into a new dawn.

The jinx is finally broken Gooners, it’s time to sing to the “she wore a yellow ribbon, we are going to Wembley” and so we did and also conquered.

Arsene Wenger


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