Tuesday , 20 November 2018
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Arsenal must win the FA Cup


Bloody plastics.

What a day to be an Arsenal fan – sadness turned to sheer jubilation within 2 hours as Wigan Athletic somehow defeated Manchester City and provided every one of us with genuine optimism. In doing so, they haven’t just produced a massive upset in the cup, but they also seem to have got us inch-close to ending our infamous trophyless streak.

There truly can be no excuses now. I’m not saying that winning the FA Cup is now a given, but it’s certainly a task made much, much simpler after Wigan have knocked out City. I wouldn’t spare the team any excuse even if fourteen refereeing decisions go against us and we’re forced to concede seven own goals because Roberto Martinez has a gun to Arsene Wenger’s head.

Such an opportunity is vastly reminiscent of the 2011 Carling Cup competition. Some might argue that we had an even easier task then – it was only Ipswich and Birmingham to beat and ecstasy would undoubtedly follow. Yet Wenger fucked it up.

However, equating 2011 to today’s squad is an insult to this Arsenal. Few would disagree that today’s Arsenal is vastly more experienced, determined, capable and eager to win than the past. However, the most important trait of these players that distinguish them from past Arsenal sides is that they understand how Arsenal supporters feel, and they’re willing as hell to give us what we want: a trophy.

I found some of the reactions to our draw a bit weird. People constantly reminded everyone that Wigan are a side capable of producing massive upsets, and that we shouldn’t underestimate them. To them, I say, aren’t Manchester City ten times of Wigan Athletic? After all, the last encounter against Manchester City resulted in a 6-3 loss, while the last encounter against Wigan (a game which was arguably as important as the semi final coming up) was a 4-1 victory for us.

I can understand some of the supporters’ reactions to our draw. To quote Mourinho, every Arsenal supporter has become paranoid and are filled with a “fear to fail”. However, we should really get behind the players now, for God knows they need our support.

Winning the FA Cup isn’t possible. It’s almost a certainty now.

Come on you Gunners. Make it fucking happen.

-Santi (Follow my blog ‘Gunning From India‘ and my Twitter account @ArsenalBlogz)

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