Thursday , 21 March 2019
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Fantasy Premier League Winners


A big thank you to all of you who took part in the league competition . We had planned to give prizes early in the season and unfortunately we couldnt so we would give out prizes to the top 5 of the league. All the winners please make sure to share your home address and your shirt size to our email address and we will ship out the prizes in a couple of weeks time.

Below are the top 15 of the many hundreds of you who had played the game

Fullscreen capture 21-05-2013 034930.bmp


Once again a big thank you for all those who were part of the league and we hope to see you play next season too. Do follow our twitter handle @arsenalindia_sc for updates of any competitions that would come in the future.

So dont forget follow arsenalindia_sc for all the updates us 🙂

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