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Arsenal 1 Sp*rs 0


Arsenal 1 (Giroud 23) – Tottenham Hotspur 0

Man of the Match – Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)

I know it’s kinda late for this review, but hey, guess what, I have exams and I haven’t studied shit all semester. So, had to buck up and get myself to study. This is not a review of the game, just some thoughts I had about the win over Sp*rs. Of course the entire Arsenal week was dominated by the arrival of some German upstart that the Sp*rs win fell into the abyss of this melodrama. So, let’s give the game the credit it deserves.

Ramsey’s Resurgence

Couldn’t start it better without mentioning Aaron Ramsey. He has been Arsenal’s best player so far this season. Everyone knew he had a fantastic engine, but lacked that bit of application. After his return from injury, Ramsey struggled with his form and was often accused of hobbling over the ball when not required, and making simple situations complicated. Towards the fag end of last season, we saw a resurgence in Ramsey’s performance curve. There seemed to be more conviction in his passing, lesser dangling on the balls, and what’s more, full blooded tackles. This season, he has been asked to play a slightly deeper role alongside Jack Wilshere, and the two have formed a slick partnership. Ramsey was a workhorse in the game against Sp*rs, doing his best to minimize time for the opposition to build attacks. It will take some time for Arteta and Flamini to regain their first team places.

Giroud’s Goal Glut

Our handsome French bloke seems to be in fine goal scoring nick at the moment. His winner against Tottenham was his 4th goal in 5 games. But, there is more to Giroud’s game than just goals. He has been magnificent up front, bringing others into play, and holding up against defenders. His shift against Sp*rs was more than impressive, and being the lone striker makes the task all the more harder. While last season, he took time to acclimatize, he has already taken off from where he left last season. His tally of 17 goals and 12 assists could be bettered if he manages to get himself in great goal scoring positions, as he has done against Aston Villa, Fulham and Tottenham.

Mertescielny’s Kosmackers

Arsenal’s central defensive partnership is getting stronger with every passing game. The understanding between Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny at the heart of Arsenal’s defence has been pleasing to watch. Sp*rs could barely make any inroads, and Soldada struggled as the lone man upfront. What is paramount, however is, that the quartet of Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gibbs get to play majority of the season together in an Arsenal defence that has been injury plagued for years.

Szczesny’s Saves

Wojciech Szczesny was much maligned last season for some lackadaisical performances, and even recently revealed in an interview that he was complacent in his approach, as he knew he would be a confirmed starter week in week out, in the absence of the injured Fabianski. He has shown remarkable improvement, though his distributional skills do leave a lot to be desired. So far so good.

Flamini’s Flamboyance 

It was great to see Mathieu Flamini back in Arsenal colors, especially when the cameras focused on him commanding the defence to get in line to defend a free kick. He looks the same old, full blooded, robust player who would be willing to put his body on the line. It is this kind of steely resolve that the Gunners need in the centre of midfield, and it is great to have Flamini back, a player who knows the inner workings of the club.

Well, that’s it for now. Will be back with the Sunderland preview tomorrow!

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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