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this article was shared with us by – Farhan Hyder



Gone are the days when teams were built , built over years with a mix of local and foreign talents. These days its as simple as buying groceries from a supermarket, provided you have lots of money. To understand this, lets snap back to year 2000. The two biggest teams in the country at that time were Arsenal and Manchester United, both engineered by two of the best managers in the world. The Manchester United team comprised of the fergie’s fledglings in their peak. That team was a European power house. The architect was Sir Alex Ferguson, who took almost a decade to make such an unbeatable team. Over in North London, there was Arsene Wenger, the man who revolutionized English football. He had already won a league and cup double with the existing Graham’s Arsenal and was nurturing a team that was going to be called ‘The Invincibles’. Then there was Liverpool, who were successful in league cups, but had hard luck in race for premier league title. We also had Alan Shearer’s Newcastle and Gianfranco Zola’s Chelsea who would fight for a champions league spot, they were at times joined by Everton.

So, if all was going so smoothly, what changed everything??? Year 2003, Roman Abramovich buys Chelsea!!!!! Roman’s Chelsea started a revolution. Some may call it the blue revolution, but I say it was the adulterating of the pure and virgin premier league. Roman started buying top players for the club almost like a madman. Still his Chelsea couldn’t beat the Invincible Arsenal who won the title in 2003-04 season. Jose Mourinho arrived in 2004. The best man for short term success. All he wanted was lots of money and Roman had it in abundance. Chelsea was dominating England or I should say money was dominating England. Then came 2006!! A step up for Manchester United and a step down for Arsenal! Manchester United was bought by a rich American, who was ready to invest heavily in the club for them to compete against Chelsea. Whereas, Arsenal moved into a new 350 million stadium. With a debt of 350 million, experts knew that Arsenal were going into a period of transition, the club was certain that it wont be able to compete financially with top clubs and may suffer from a trophy drought. So, now premier league was shared by Manchester United and Chelsea.
To spoil things further, in 2008 the relegation battling blue side of Manchester was bought by a super rich Arab. They were a lot more senseless in buying players than Chelsea ever were. 40 million for Robinho???? OMG I would rather burn that money than to waste it like that. Let’s come back to the present now… The oil rich Manchester City has finally won the premier league. Chelsea because of crazily changing managers have fallen back a bit, but still they are with an extremely generous and spend thrift Russian. Surprisingly Manchester United are still title contenders, well thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson and American owners. Arsenal are slowly coming out of the debt and are ready to spend money, still have faith in Arsene Wenger even after an eight year trophy drought. And Liverpool are lost in mid table mediocrity.

So as I conclude, I would like to say that football is no longer a game, it’s a business now. Thanks to Chelsea and Manchester City, the harmony of the premier league has been spoiled, or in simple terms the premier league has been poisoned….. This was my first article for Sportskeeda . I am glad that I have been given an opportunity to speak my mind. You are free to leave your comments about the article

By – Farhan Hyder

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