Friday , 19 October 2018
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Van Persie- Winner of Oct Player of the Month

Van Persie truly deserved to be  Barclays Player of the Month for October.  With seven goals in three matches  he had an incredible month.


RVP was also awarded with the Golden Boot for being the first in the league to score 10 goals. Out of the seven goals  for the month of October he had a hat-trick in the 5-3 win over Chelsea while the rest came against Sunderland and Stroke.

He was fast to react on his twitter on what he felt on receiving the awards.

“First to reach 10 prem goals didn’t know there existed a trophy for reaching 10 goals! Haha”

“Thanks all of our team geezers to help me achieve the goals! #Theo#gervinho insane assist rate”

 “But I have to slice the trophy in bits because some assists from the boys were insane good! Thanks again mates! Looking forward to tomorrow!”

Its great to see the Captain to praise his team mates and thanking them for the assists. So wishing him all the best for the coming months and maybe sign a contract extension during the winter break because he is huge player that Arsenal needs to hold on too and its just 18 months left on his current contract.


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