Friday , 19 October 2018
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Sunderland vs Arsenal: Matchday Prediction


What you need to do is very simple. Follow the below steps..

1. You got to be following us on twitter @arsenalindia_sc

2. Post your twitter handle and predict the score for tomorrow’s  game Sunderland vs Arsenal the comments section .

3. One entry per person

p.s its open only till 1 hr before kickoff.

YOU WILL WIN PRIZES every time we have this competition provided you are in India for us to parcel you the gifts.

you can also be part of the match discussion on our Facebook group :-

So don’t waste time as you have only till an hr before kickoff to predict and win prizes.

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There are somethings in life that are and should be fueled only by passion. And being a Gooner is one of those. These are our contributions to our fellow Gooners from India. Proud to be an Arsenal fan. Gooner for Life!

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  1. 1-1 draw. @shivams18

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