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Merry Christmas Gooners

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and we thank for the pic


First of all we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Have a wonderful New Year. Its been more than a year that we have got the site out and we have quite a few readers and we thank each and every one who has contributed and also the ones who had patience to go through all these articles and also sharing feedback .

Currently we are facing some issues with our Facebook page and it is not available and there has been a lot of questions send to us regarding the same. As of now all we can say is that we do have technical issues with the page and we working with FB to get it back as fast as possible. And we hope to get it back before this year ends or maybe a week more. So till then maybe you could try following our twitter account –> @arsenalindia_sc .

On Arsenal front we had a couple of good wins and we can hope for the team to capitalize on these wins and get closer and closer to the top 3 finish for this season.Lets have a look at where we stand in the league now.



Lets be realistic did you feel we would be siting at 4th after 18 matches after how our season  went for us. We are sure a lot didn’t and we understand that there are issues however we got to give credit where its due and its great to see us at this spot half way down the season. Our boxing day match against West Ham got postponed so we have the following fixtures coming up till the end of Jan .
29 Sat Dec vs  Newcastle United
01 Tue Jan vs  Southampton
06 Sun Jan vs  Swansea ( FA Cup )
13 Sun Jan vs  Manchester City
20 Sun Jan vs  Chelsea
26 Sat Jan vs  FA Cup 4th Round
30 Wed Jan vs  Liverpool

Its going to be an interesting start to the new year for us and its important that we maintain the winning ways and maximum points and wins till we start the real competition with the likes of City , Chelsea and Liverpool. We did get some good results however we are get to see that flare and style that we are used to seeing when Arsenal plays and a couple of wins might just do that. After the Wigan match Wenger said “You could see that defensively we are getting better as a unit, as a team” . “That is one of the positives of the day. Cant agree more. If there was a positive for this season it has been the defense and looks like the back four would only get relaxed and even more confident as we draw closer to this season end.

There is nothing much in news for us and we can hope things would only get hotter with the transfer window opening up in a few days (Jan 1st ). So stay tuned to twitter after new year as there could be some interesting developments wrt the club.

On that Note we wish all you and everyone at the CLUB a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Do share your feedback below in the comments section or tweet us what you think  at @arsenalindia_sc . And if you have any suggestions or ideas do tell us on that too we will be waiting to hear you on twitter or in the comments section..
















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