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My Favorite Arsenal vs Tottenham memory

North London derbies are always special, and in recent times, have always promised goals and drama. Today’s Personal Memory Bank is not really memorable for the fact that we lost, but the events of the day that transpired, for me atleast. Enjoy!


Arsenal 2 (Nasri 9, Chamakh 27) – Tottenham 3 (Bale 50, van der Vaart 67, Kaboul 85)

It was one of those frantic Saturday’s, where you want to get over with all errands and work, to be tension free, in order to watch an early kickoff, which in India is precisely 6:15 PM.

Having just arrived from my half-day of classes from college at around 3:00 PM, I was terribly tired, more than even on normal days, and remember this was the middle of the summer, which in my city, is excruciatingly draining. I had a hasty lunch, and trudged off to sleep. Before I knew it, I was up by 6:00 PM, just in time for the match.

Freshening up, I did my pre match rituals, which is not much really. I remove my Henry home jersey, kiss the badge, wear it on, like I am some professional footballer, they potray in movies; you know, like the guy is really proud of the club. That kind of stuff! (I am proud of Arsenal, by the way!) Oh and yeah, I make sure no one is looking, and do a little war dance. Looks stupid, but that’s my pre match ritual.

And, moments later, to my disgust, the channels which were supposed to be showing ESPN and Star Sports, were instead showing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on HBO, and another channel showing some crap local advertisements, of furniture shops and apartments.

I flipped through the channels hurriedly. The damn cable operator provides us with 120 channels to watch. I am pretty sure, I wouldn’t bother for at least 110 of them. I flipped once and re flipped, but to no avail.

5 minutes passed, and I get a message from my friend! “NASSRRII :D”. Damn, I have missed it, I thought. I tried calling the cable operator, but no one responded. I was getting extremely pissed. Finally, someone picked up. I blasted at the top of my voice “Where the hell is ESPN?”. A calm female voice on the other end told “Sir, from today onwards ESPN-Star has been cancelled out for non-payment by all cable operators in the country!” and she hung up!

Holy Fucking Shit! Today of all days, these buggers have to fall into some meagre dispute over telecast rights. I called up my friend, who luckily enough, was getting the channel. Idiot on earth decided to frustrate me even more. He takes the phone near the TV, and I can hear the commentator heaping praise on Marrouane Chamakh, you heard it right, Marrouane Chamakh. Arsenal were 2-0 up.

We were heading for a real thumping, and I did not want to miss this at any cost. I told him I will be catching a bus, and reaching his locality, in time for the second half to start. I remember very little of the bus journey. What I do remember is that I had changed. I wasn’t wearing my lucky jersey. I didn’t want it to get spoilt or soiled. I loved it above anything else.

After some heckling and harrying on the local bus, my friend was at the stop to pick me up. We reached his home just on time for the second half. What transpired next, was unexpected and uncalled for. His operator too, decided, he had had enough of ESPN, and bang, we were greeted by black and white lines on the television screen.

Aargh! This was turning into a nightmare! Our last hope was the internet. As it turns out, my friend’s internet plan was weird. Streaming a game would cost him a fortune. No, really. BBC Text opened up, and Sp*rs had a goal back. Gareth Bale scoring on 50 minutes.

I don’t remember what happened in the next few minutes. We were just hoping for the magic words ‘Goal’ to pop up from somewhere. Pop up it did, Rafael van der Vaart scored on 67 minutes. Text reading commentary can really get on your nerves at time. It makes you feel like doing an invisible chick or something.

My friend shrugged it off, and said “Chuck it. Let’s stream the last few minutes.” We finally got hold of a trusted streaming link”. The initial image was of a Sp*rs player lining up a free kick. Seconds later, and Bam! Sp*rs were leading 3-2 at the Emirates, thanks to Younes Kaboul!

This nightmare was real for sure. Arsenal huffed and puffed for a bit more, but it was too little, too late. My week was officially ruined. I had wasted money, time, energy on travelling half the town, to not watch a match, and eventually watch fucking Sp*rs scoring the winning goal in the dying moments at the Emirates!

Ah, the pangs of being an Arsenal fan! Nothing can frustrate or enthrall you more than supporting the Arsenal! We may have won 5-2 last season, but that day’s antics made it quite a memorable North London Derby. I am pretty sure you will beg to differ! 😀

Jai Arsenal! 🙂

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