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RVP- Never Will Be An Arsenal Great!!

So, the inevitable has happened. Our captain (not any more) and last year’s torch bearer who played the unmatchable, incomparable part in helping us secure 3rd place in the Premier League with his 30+ goals (some of them were just magic, sheer class), the beloved flying Dutchman, Robin Van Persie or RVP or Captain Vantastic or the cultured left foot, has decided not to renew his contract with Arsenal and most probably, he will leave the club (or Arsenal will sell him) this season. The news of Theo Walcott following his captain’s path and moving on to some “higher paying club” (bloody sh*t) is also around the news world. And Arsenal supporters are once again staring at the same old state of affairs and the same old question is in front of them- how will Arsene bring trophies here? But I have a question to the players who leave for greener pastures- how we will remember them as GREATs?

Whom do you call a club legend? For the Gunners, they are the champs like Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Theirry Henry. For Manchester United, guys like Cantona and Keane come to mind. They played for the club because of their love for that jersey. They played for that badge on their shirt that which read their dream team. The trophies and money were never a part of equation- although they came in abundance. As Tony Adams said- I will sign any contract Arsenal puts in front of me without reading. Imagine RVP saying this, hah, looks like a joke. .

It’s easy to leave a club and say in your statement- I will always love Arsenal and supporters and I know you will always support me whenever I will return to the Emirates. Mr Persie- you have no idea what you have done to yourself. You could have been a legend if you would have stayed here. It would not have mattered whether you brought us trophies or not- Arsenal Football Club is not just about the silverwares. We believe in playing this game that mesmerizes the fans- both we and the opposition. We believe in grooming young talent (unfortunate they believe in moving on). You do not become a crowd favorite for lifetime by just scoring 30 goals in one season and that too, when the club has stood by your side when you were being operated day-in-day-out. Becoming an Arsenal legend is not easy- especially when you have spent 7 years with just one noticeable season. Where is the love, the passion for the club? Not in you, Dutchman.

For us, the supporters; it is like the script is repeating itself. The same drama that happened last year when Cesc and Na$ri were about to leave the club is engulfing us once again. Last year, there were two midfielders whom Arsene transformed to men from boys and the world noticed them, splashed out cash and they left. We lost our creative vision and to top that, a season long injury to Jack Wilshere. This season, when Wenger have already bought Podolski and Giroud to strengthen the squad; RVP and Theo have decided to leave. Our top two goal scorers are on their way. You know what- I am proud of this club.

Yes, I have said bad things about Wenger. Yes, I have criticized him in the past but all those were in the moments of frustration. But I salute the man. In spite of losing the best players season by season, he has created a squad worth its weight in gold and inflicting confidence in them that has fetched us Champions League Football for 16 seasons running. That speaks his volume. Any club, even the likes of Manchester United, would have found it impossible to achieve this glory had Rooney, Giggs, Vidic and Rio would have left them just at the start of the season.

I am sure RVP will be reading the news of his departure and the reactions on that by the supporters. So, if he manages to read this by any chance, here is a message-

“Dear Persie, now that you have decided to leave the club; we wish you all the best. Sooner or later, the more ‘ambitious’ club who will agree with your demands will snap you. In a remote possibility that nobody buys you, please please please NEVER EVER THINK OF RETURNING TO THE ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. Leaving us is a mistake but returning back will be a bigger mistake. Take it as an advise”


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  1. I feel his way of leaving is worse than Flamini’s. He too is not welcomed back and definitely not a legend.
    I do have a thought though that the club knew from the end of the season that he would not sign, tried to negotiate further and RVP refused. Said they need to announce it to move on and Arsenal wanted to prevent a fire sale and also convince players to sign first. So RVP’s next step was to announce it himself.

  2. I completely agree with you.
    Excellent article. All those who bring turmoil to the club needs to go. Same as
    Nasri,now RVP, Theo .. it seems to me that people have forgotten other quality
    of Arsenal. I love this club and very much appreciate Wenger, we have other
    players who have quality. Not everything depends on RVP and Theo…Other
    talents waithing their chance to play in Arsenal.. So if they want ot go- just
    Go! This massage from RVP is hipocritical…

  3. Well said!! It bleddy frustrating to think at the end of every season that the next season will be ours. And these “dudes” just up and leave. I understand that it is a matter of money. But at least he could have stayed till his contract expired. No – he will not be an Arsenal great. NEVER.

    And let him not come back. He joins the likes of Nasri, Fabregas. Rats…..but the ship isn’t sinking. It never will! In Arsene we trust. Once a gunner, always a gunner!!

  4. funny isnt it,wat hav the players that have left ARSENAL accomplished?? barely some retards might say,look at NASRI or FABREGAS..but then look at them,what did NASRI even do in MANCz title benchwarmer…and FAB,he was played his part,but after dat wat did BARCA win at the end,barely anything…just for an example look at 1 of our legends HENRY who left ARSENAL,not for d money,but just 2 play besides RONALDINHO,1 of the best mid-fielders in d worlds back then and wat did he get,nothin,infact BARCA sold RON dat season,making dat transfer,totally worthless..VAN shud hav seen his pathetic performance with HOLLAND in d EUROs to  realise that he was no good without the GUNNERs batch on his chest and a number 10 ARSENAL jersy..frankly i m not sad,he is good,but he can be replaced,coz after watchin d EUROS i can certainly say,he was made by us and we can make another RVP, WENGER vil definitely buy good players with d money,so keep the faith 🙂

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