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Some Spontaneous Musings of a Gooner!

The title says it all. I am absolutely out of breath, drained of emotion, sapped of energy, but yet, I am in front of my laptop, jotting down a few words.

To be honest with you, I didn’t watch Arsenal’s game at the Hawthorns with West Bromwich Albion. I was rather hooked on to the title race. Let me tell you, before you even ponder moving away from this article, I f*cking love Arsenal, but even I couldn’t contemplate what Manchester City did today.

People say the win in 1989 was amazing, and yes it was amazing. But, rather, in a bizzare twist of fate, I was born 6 months after Arsenal lifted the trophy on that famous night in Anfield. I don’t want to take anything away from Michael Thomas and the boys. They will always be number one in title glory drama.

Spot 2 has been taken by the Citizens. And how. I watched every kick in their game against QPR today, and by the 90th minute arrived, I had resounded to the fact that I will have to face some more Manchester United rubbish and gibberish, the likes of ‘GGMU’, for another year.

Thank You Edin Dzeko. You are officially my favorite Bosnian, not that I had one before. His equalizer came out of the ‘blue’, and at a time, when everyone, incuding some City fans, though it was over. And then Aguero showed why he is the man, who owns the rights on Maradona’s daughter. For one moment, I shared the same joy as Manchester City fans.

Arsenal fans may despise me, saying Manchester City are just spoiling the league, by buying players from us. Unfortunately, this is how football functions this days. Hate it, as you must, but that’s how it works. But, let’s not take anything away from Manchester City today, for they have earned the right to be England’s champions.

I really liked the way Vincent Kompany gave his interview after the game. Really dignified, and really classy.

We’ve done it before this season and I never stopped believing,Never, ever, and when Edin scored that goal it just reminded me of a few moments this season when against Tottenham (Hotspur) we scored in the last minute and against Sunderland we came from two down.You want to say it’s the personal moment of your life but if I’m honest, please never again this way. “We’ve been so good this season, especially at home, then all of a sudden today even though our first half was really good we just couldn’t get through. “It’s not sunk in yet, I don’t know what happened at the end to be honest, it was such a huge mess.I’m so happy for the guys because we’ve given so much this season,” he said. “It’s not us just coming here for the money, we’ve dreamed of this all our lives, when we were kids, when we were nothing and had no money. And now we are champions and that’s what it’s about for us.

OK, that’s that! Now, lets get back to things closer to our hearts! With our win over West Brom, we have secured 3rd spot. I had my friends text me constantly with updates on the game, who were lucky enough, to get streaming, or had a high definition TV.

I saw the live update come up when Adebayor scored in the second minute and though instantly, we got to win today. And, Benayoun obliged. But, soon, we were 2-1 down in 15 minutes, and by then the telecasters had decided not to show the goal updates for some god damn reason. Anyways, Andre Santos scored, and 10 minutes into the second half, I got a message saying ‘Koscielny, 2-3’. I knew from there on it was a case of ‘Hold on to what you have!’, and my word, we did.

It was a fitting tribute for Pat Rice, who has been effing brilliant.


Robin van Persie, like his Manchester City counterpart, too, had his say, after the final game of the season.

You never know. Arsenal is a massive club, a great club. I have been playing here for eight years and I love this club.Whatever happens that will never change.

Well, you have enough time to ponder what he means by those words. Just hoping we keep him at the club.

I will be back with some more stuff, very soon! Watch this space!

I leave you with this short clip, with some amazing moments in our game.

RVP chance, Wenger hugs Pat Rice, great block from Gibbs

One last thing, before I sign off, for now, Thank You Martin Fulop. You are officially my favorite Hungarian.

Jai Arsenal 🙂


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