Tuesday , 20 November 2018
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Get well soon, Fabrice Muamba

On Saturday, we were witness to a horrible incident, which involved the life of a young 23 year old footballer.

As Fabrice Muamba collapsed in a heap, everyone around watching the game might have been thinking he must have twisted an ankle, or something. But, as he lay there motionless, the matter of fact came to light.

I wasn’t watching the game, but rather I was watching Carlton Palmer, John Burridge, and Joe Morrison, who by far are the worst assembled team of football pundits sharing their thoughts on the La Liga. Then, flashed the news about Muamba’s condition.

It is a seriously discomforting thought, to know that he wasn’t breathing as he was taken off the pitch. News quickly filtered through that his condition has stabilized, but he was still ‘critically ill’.

The applause from the Spurs fans (note I have not used Sp*rs), was heartening. It didn’t matter whether he was a former Arsenal player or no. It was about a man fighting for survival. Messages have poured in from all over the world in support and prayer for the young Congo born midfielder.

Few weeks back we saw Liverpool fans applaud as an unconscious Mikel Arteta, a former Evertonian being stretchered off, and earlier in the week, we saw Real Madrid sporting shirts, donned with Abidal’s name, in support of his liver transplant, and yesterday we saw Spurs fans singing Muamba’s name.

Goes to show, that there are things far more important than football.

Get well soon, Fabrice Muamba. 🙂


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