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Henry back – Do We Need Him?

So Henry is finally here. After a much publicised long drama of his proposed or supposed loan deal, Arsenal formally announced his joining the squad.

After scoring 226 goals for the gunners in his first spell, he is more than just a legend for the club and its supporters. This is exemplified by the fact that the club chose him for a statue alongside the likes of footballing greats such as Herbert Chapman.

But will this aging legend be able to substitute for the hot Van Persie? In this month, when we will lose two of our strikers – Gervinho and Chamakh – to the African Cup of Nations and probably one – Chamakh – to a much needed transfer, the already overplayed Robin Van Persie will certainly start to feel the strains of his exploits if hadn’t till now. And with Park Ju Yung hardly a case to consider for the premier league, we desperately need another striker to fill the boots of RVP.

So, will Henry be a good solution to this problem? Practicality doesn’t allow this. Henry himself has said that he is just a “part of the squad” and will be “just warming the benches” most of the time. But a benchwarmer is hardly what we need.


Henry has his heart at the right place and he has confessed that he accepted the offer because he couldn’t say no to Arsenal. But it will take much more than just goodwill to make a winning team.  Even though as gooners, we are happy to have the King back, but we must be in no illusion as to what kind of impact he can have on our season. We still need a fulltime and young alternative to Robin Van Persie who is willing to go that extra mile, not just to endear himself to the fans but to prove his worth in the team.

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I was not a born football fan. This was perhaps the only "gunnerly" shortcoming in me; combined with the fact that I was a shitty player. I am currently a student and have been an Arsenal fan since as long as I have been watching football and will remain so till I depart for hell. Countering questions and comments from my friends over arsenal has become second nature and Arsenal has become a big part of my life. And I just hope that it keeps getting bigger...

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