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RVP only hope for UEFA+Vertonghen interview+Lewandowski bid+wht if v get Hazard/MVila


The team that had supporters booing..after a disastrous start to this year EPL have managed to answer all the questions thrown to them and are currently placed 3rd in EPL

Arsenal need to win the remaining matches and can’t risk the 4th spot with Chelsea in UEFA finals.

The biggest concern that puts us in a deadlock is ..that currently we are too dependent on RVP (no one can deny that) and  to keep him in the team ,We will have to qualify for UEFA next season and this again only RVP can help us go through ..

Alarm bells will start ringing if we somehow don’t qualify coz what this will bring to us is RVP exit,plus quality players not willing to join Arsenal since we then wont have UEFA spot

Wenger was quoted,

“He [Van Persie] has to push us over the line,”

“There are two games to go. We have been a bit over-reliant on him, I concede that. But it is difficult to change that before the end of the season.”

Considering we qualify , and manage to hold on RVP which my gut feeling says we will ,Arsenal will have a killer team on paper for the next season.

Here is why i feel so..

There are reports flying off everywhere that Vertonghen deal is already confirmed as the player himself has expressed his wishes to play for Arsenal and pair his former teammate Verminator.

Vertonghen is entering the final year of his contract and Arsenal feel they can land the 25-year-old for as little as £7m, despite interest from Newcastle, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Wenger hopes Vertonghen will form part of a new-look defensive pool next season, with  Squillaci and Johan Djourou sure to leave Arsenal on transfers.

Vertonghen said,

“Everybody knows that I’m open to a transfer, but you shouldn’t want to leave at all costs,” the defender told Algemeen Dagblad.

“I have a few things lined up at the moment, but it’s difficult to say anything about that at the moment. I’ll see what happens, if something becomes concrete.

“I’m focusing on putting in good performances and winning the league title for now,” he concluded.

On a second one to Daily mail he was quoted saying,

“Arsenal are a magnificent club and I hear a lot of good things about English football,”Vertonghen said, according to the Daily Mail.

“If a club of Arsenal’s caliber can reach agreement with Ajax, then I will gladly go over.

“I have instructed my agent carefully. ‘He knows which clubs I want to join, and Arsenal are one of them.”


This deal looks done with both sides reaching over the agreement pretty soon.

Elsewhere ,there are rumors flying over the net where Arsenal have bidding  for Lewandowski .There is no concrete news for us to cheer.

Now,What this brings us to is a great upcoming season which most of the gunners would have failed to conceive.

With Podolski done and Vertonghen following up, if only we could get either Hazard/Mvila we will have the strongest squad for all competitions.

Rock solid Defence: A-team players in name of Sanga, Verm , Kos , Santos + SUBSTITUTES in form of: Mert , Vertonghen ,Gibbs

–>Isnt it great to have such quality on bench??If u look ,there isnt a single name who is not experienced .

Creative Midfield (not taking wing players into consideration): A-team players in name of Rosiky ,Arteta , Wilshere , Song , Mvila/Hazard

–>For most of the season when we have looked up for substitutes on bench we havent found a player who would come up and change the game . Looking at the above scenario it certainly looks to change.I havent considered ramsey as i believe he is over-used this season.

Killer Attackers+Wingers: The way we play!!A- team players in name : RVP ,Podolski , Walcott, Gerv , Ox , Park (Should we bring Rio and Arshavin back and sell out Bent ,Chamakh ) We will have players for all competition and backups if one goes down fighting…

–>Podolski will be a great asset in the playing 11 as wenger has already confirmed he will be playing as left end winger.Now what this means is that RVP will be free in the box to add to his goal scoring kitty.

Podolski is known to take up long hits and this will make sure the opponent team defense goes out of the penalty box to attack him giving chance to Arsenal’s own Bolt Walcott / Ox / Gerv to make runs and feed to the man with magical feet RVP.

This will open up more chances and we will have Plan B already on field if at all Plan A fails.


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