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Arsenal 125 – Always Ahead of the Game!

I have always thought that I should write on some topic about Arsenal, but then we have games in and out and the time spend on the post match and pre match analysis never gives me time to write something on Arsenal. And whenever I would decide to write, I would get stuck again because could not make up my mind on what to write because I wanted to write on something whats not regularly featured in the media about Arsenal. So now that I finally did get the topic let me not bore you before you even start reading this and scare you from ever reading any of our future blogs! 🙂

What I did come up with is on the topic of “125 years of Arsenal!” As I said before, I didn’t want to write on something that everyone else is talking about. But then again, as an Arsenal fan, there was nothing more interesting than this, and it does not get any bigger! As Arsenal celebrates their 125th anniversary, we can look back at how the club has performed and also have a look into the future. So if a lot of you didn’t know, we completed 125 years on Dec 1st 2011 and Arsenal has gone all out to celebrate the anniversary in all possible ways. I am not going to talk in length about our history and how it been in the last 125 years because we all know about it and that is the beauty of being a fan from India. We just Google everything that we need to know! And a long essay would bore you anyway 🙂

I would look at a few of the major events or activities or changes that Arsenal are bringing in to celebrate these 125 glorious years. The motto of the club is to always stay ahead of the game and it is relevant that when we look back at our history and all that we did as a club, like investing a lot in technology and fan appreciations (in terms of the new Stadium) which no other club dared to do or to go. Using this route, to celebrate the glory of its 125 years Anniversary and as a tribute to the club and its fans, they came out with a video that the shows the journey from where the club started off to where it is today. The incredibly detailed and beautifully crafted video showcases the glory of Arsenal to the World, what the club is, how it came to be, where we are today and the heights we might conquer in the future. It takes us through the journey it took to reach where we are now, the high points of glory and the low points of agony, the sufferings and the moments of joy, the passion and spirit. What all it means and makes us proud to be an Arsenal fan, a Gooner for life!

I am not going to elaborate a lot on the video because it is much more worth seeing live than on how I can ever put it in words here. Starting off, the video takes you on the journey from the beginnings at Dail Square to its current location at the  Emirates Stadium. The clip also talks about what happened to the club in 1891 when it joined the league, thereby being the first premiere London club to join the league. There are also details about how the club avoided bankruptcy in the year 1912-13 and how in early years the players even used to entertain the fans by playing cricket! There is no video of Arsenal without the mention of the great Herbert Chapman. Wenger talks about how he was the force behind what Arsenal is today and what  all he put in place at the club to get us to what we are today. It also shows the different innovations that Arsenal tried and was successful in that as the first to do notable of them where making their physician as their coach and a successful one and introducing cameras on the pitch and lot more. The below video is filmed in association with Nike on the occasion of the 125th anniversary but not what i was talking about till now.

CLICK BELOW for the Arsenal FC History Video that i am talking about


The visual display evokes goosebumps and shows why we are the best and always ahead of the rest, why it is worthwhile being a Gooner, the fan of the best football club in the world!

Then there is the other project for a self guided tour of the Emirates where fans can have a personal experience of the majestic stadium and surroundings. The tour is open on a daily basis and the below clip is an advertisement for it. Arsenal also have come out with the their 125th Anniversary Picture Gallary. In addition to this, there are a lot of other 125-year Anniversary goodies you can read about on There is also a Fans forum, which is now moved from Fridays to Mondays

When we look back at history and all the great coaches, players and all the laurels and achievements we have won across a century and a quarter, there is no doubt as an Arsenal fan that things are about to get better at the club in the coming years. There might have been instances when the going got tough, but we always have bounced back with equal and more vigor. We have a stadium that is nothing short of a wonder and have an attendance close to 60000 week in week out, and as a fan in India I can truly be proud of the club. The club is showing its togetherness, class and commitment in all fields and its that feeling that unites us fans for the club at good and bad times.

Over the years, we have won 13 League Titles, 10 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 2 European trophies, 3 Doubles and 49 Unbeaten seasons that created the invincibles, and many great players and legends in the game of Football in the last 125 years. And looking ahead we are going to have a lot more successful years.

Thats it for now we got a huge game against Wigan this Saturday so need to work on the pre match thoughts for the match…

Gooner for Life!!

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