Sunday , 18 November 2018
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Beginning of a New Era

Les Invincibles team is all but lost. Not just the squad players of 25 but also, most of the youth players have either left for places where they will get an opportunity to play, to get trophies or for their own personal differences. Not only that, most of the team from 2005 is also lost. Arsene Wenger has tried to rebuild the team again and again in the past few years and without fail has come up with solutions that have costed less, paid off debt and kept us in the running for the Champions League. In 2010, one of our best cores of team was formed only to be lost to other teams. They had just started to gel together and display outstanding football, but that was not supposed to be.


Two years later, once again, Arsene has proved his worth to the club and has got together a team that is not only capable of running for the title, but also worthy of it. The grit and determination shown by the team in the last few months of the 12-13 season would be enough to scare off even the hardiest of the teams. The world saw them move up from 5th to 4th and then maintaining the position till the very end. If they win their qualifiers, it will be their 17th season consecutively in Champions League.

The new core of the team looks interesting, budding with fresh and new talent with willpower to be together and fight together. With new additions coming in shortly at both the youth level and the first team level, this new team is forged right out of a furnace. With the exception of Bacary Sagna, everybody else has a long term contract. And, all of them are determined to prove themselves individually as well as a team. With new transfer policy setting in with Wenger going for some big names, financial fair play policy also coming in, new kit contract with Puma, changes in the coaching positions (Pat Rice retired an year ago), new chairpersons, Arsenal will bring to the table a whole new challenge for the other teams.

The truth is that we aren’t scared of any team and neither should we be. Any person who saw the match against Bayern in their own backyard would agree. Such is the will of the players. With Arsenal finally having around just 2 players on the injury list and most of the players 100% fit, physically and mentally, it really is time for the world to know the dominant force that Arsenal is!

PS: The reason we don’t fight for silverware anymore is because we have gold-ware. Silverware just doesn’t do it anymore!

PPS: Take the PS very lightly. Don’t be offended. To the beautiful game that Arsenal plays!

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I love to play football and I love the way Arsenal play. I love playing football and programming stuff. I am currently a student at university of Washington and I love programming in C++.

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