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There’s always next season, Gunners!

OK. So, let me be very honest here. I was absolutely gutted to see Chelsea lift the Champions League trophy last night. No, I am not being unsportsmanlike or a jealous twat or just a party-pooper. It is just that I have envisioned an Arsenal captain lift the trophy for quite a long time now.

I am not saying that Chelsea didn’t deserve it or whatever. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be playing in the final in the first place. With that, they now become the first capital club to win the title. Kings of London? Most certainly, yes. For now, at least.

The writing was clearly on the wall for Bayern. Watching the game some 5000 miles away, I just had this f*cked up gut feeling, that Chelsea would cross the finish line tonight. Even when Muller scored, I just knew thet aren’t going to get away with it. And, they didn’t. Some header that was, eh?

Let’s not rather talk about the match now. This season in itself has taken quite a toll on me. I don’t even want to get started on the Old Traff…yes, let’s not go back there.

Watching the same game, around 6 years back on a rainy night in Paris, I saw Arsenal’s 10 men finally give in to Barcelona, after keeping them out for 76 minutes. Maybe, the next time, we will be the ones crossing the finish line, and holding that famous trophy aloft.

Point is, life will move on for us Gooners. Like Nick Hornby says,

There’s always next season. If you lose the cup final in May, there’s always the third round to look forward to in January.

Not that we were in a cup final last night, but just saying. I stayed up most of the night, way up to today evening thinking about this. And, it always makes you feel secure. There’s always another chance.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t want to do it the way Chelsea did it, by pumping in millions of petro cash. I don’t give a f*ck if we take another century to win it, but I always have taken pride in the way Arsenal do their business. Or even Bayern Munich, for that matter.

Two clubs, with minimal debt, and bringing out some fine football talents season after season. Playing some lovely stuff, and yes, more often than not ending up in dissapointment. Getting you finest players sold, and then again returning to the same old situation. It’s a cycle, and somewhere around the circle, you know there’s a streak, where everything is going to go your way. Maybe we are just about getting there. Probably, it took us 7 years to get there. We never know. That’s the beauty of football.

Like I told, I have always wanted us to win the Champions League. We have won the league and the Cup, and league cup as well so many years ago. Just this was missing from our club’s trophy cabinet. When we do win it, let’s not take the gloss of it, by even pondering over the thought that Chelsea did it before us. It’s time to get over it, cos’ it’s over. There is no chance in hell Platini is going to order a rematch, though he despises the method of operation in place at Stamford Bridge.

I am not sure if I am getting my point across too well, but I hope you Gunners reading this get it. Chelsea probably had their name on the trophy. And, hopefully, we do too.

Next year, the Champions League final comes back to Wembley, London. Anyone fancying it?

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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