Friday , 16 November 2018
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Pep Guardiola to join Arsenal Coaching Staff


Pep to replace Pat Rice

The Arsenal management is waiting to Pep to have this press conference on Friday so that he can announce that he will be stepping down the end of this season. Once that is done, Arsenal will break the news to the whole world that Pep will be joining Arsenal’s coaching staff. He is expected to replace Pat Rice and be an assistant to Arsene. While Arsene has not said anything about this, insiders feel if Pep does a good job he could replace Arsene someday.

Obviously I am joking, this is our time to have some fun at Barca. I am sure every Arsenal fan would be jumping with joy to hear this kind of of news and will want to have a go at Barca. Barca have been one club that has been a pain for Arsenal – on & off the pitch. Infact, we can go a step further and say they have been disrespectful to Arsenal. Defeats on the pitch are something that we have to accept, they have been a better team than Arsenal and we have not stepped up against them in the Champions League.

Since 2000, Barcelona have signed Petit, Overmars, Bronckhorst, Henry, Hleb & Cesc. There have been rumours of Song & RVP for next season, we just cannot trust Barcelona on this.

This is where I think the Arsenal Board or management should have a go at Barca and thrill the fans. We maybe not even approach Pep, but let’s have some fun and throw Pep name in the papers. Lets give the Barca fans a bit of they own medicine. I think it is a very interesting stage in Spain, if Jose stays Real could well go on for a few years of domination and if Pep moves out, I am not sure if they will be able to find a coach as good as Pep who completely understand the club, the culture, etc.

This is just a silly article, but I hope someone from Arsenal reads this and has some fun. What do you think my fellow Gunners?

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