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Rejuvenation, at long last!

It’s been a complete two days since a certain mauling, and I still am having a hangover. And a good one at that!

Yes, I may be crazy! But, I just can’t stop thinking of how amazing we were in the North London Derby.

The previous two weeks were the worst. After waiting weeks for the Milan game, I was utterly dissapointed, with the way we capitulated against AC Milan. Dissapointment is an understatement. I was devastated.

Something inside me told that this was the season we finally taste European glory, but within minutes that notion was utterly destroyed by one Swede. My reaction after the first two goals, was “Keep it tight, now. We can have a go at them at home!”. But, by the time we were hammered 4-0, I realised this was a mirror of last season.

With one foot off the cliff in the Champions League, there was all to play in the FA Cup. I was landing insults on the broadcaster, after they had decided not to telecast the game. But, now I thank them. I would have gotten more miserable, suicidal even, if I had watched another capitulation.

Not that I don’t love Arsenal. Not that I support the team only when they are winning. But, I just couldn’t take 2 painful defeats in 4 days. It would have been a diabolical situation. For me, at least.

Anyways, another uneventful week rambled on. Just that the anti-Wenger brigade was out in full force in social media. Talks about Mourinho, Guardiola replacing Le Prof, a squad clearout; you know the rest.

But, nothing through the week suggested that things would be looking up, come the weekend. Even the football on Saturday was so drab, except for a few Miyaichi skills.

And, by the time Saha prodded home the opener, I was prepared to be in for a long night. Even though the ball was taking ages to cross the line, I knew it would. Against Arsenal, it always does. Our response, however, was swift, I should say.

We were soon fizzing the ball through the midfield, rapidly. We went close on a couple of occasions too. When Friedel made that amazing save off Rosicky, it seemed a precursor for things to come. Spu*s frustrating us for 90 minutes, I mean.

Then, Gareth Bale showed divers around the world, how it is to be done. He took an amazing dive, I should say. There wasn’t even a hint of contact from Szczesny, and that’s why I am wowing about it. What frustrated me more was that the biggest cunt of them all, oh sorry, that’s Nasri, the second biggest cunt of them all, Adebayor, stepped up to take the penalty. I was hoping he would get the biggest hiding of his life, should he miss, but he didn’t. He scored.

What surprised me was the way we responded. An Arsenal side, last season, at this stage, or for that matter, last month, would have thrown the towel and tried to limit the damage. Probably try to score a late consolation. And then Wenger stating something like “This team has shown that it can fight..Blah blah blah”. Again, you know the rest.

But, this was completely the opposite. We took Spu*s to the cleaners. Probably, they were thinking, its 2-0, and there was no chance in hell of a comeback. Boy, were they wrong. Bac Man produced a stunning header. That, for me set the tone for the game. He pounced on it like a tiger.

And, then his sidekick, Robin, man, his goal took my breath away. Assou-Ekoto looked like a donkey for a minute. He just didn’t know what to do. van Persie unleashed a wonderful shot, and I was jumping up and down the living room, attracting stares from family members. But, nothing mattered at that moment. It was just sheer joy.

After half-time, I was still a wee bit nervous, when Old Man ‘Arry bought on van der Fart and that Brazilian boxer, Sandro. Which dufus wears teeth guard for a football game. Anyways, the game. Tomas Rosicky looked like he was possesed. And, so did Benayoun. He danced past some 4 or 5 players. Boy, it is just a joy to watch an Israeli do that to the Yids.

The amazing comeback was complete, minutes later, when Rosicky beat that lazy bugger Ledley King. Bac Man was the provider again. The celebration told it all. One finger pointed at the heavens. Again, it caused an adrenaline rush inside me and you know the rest of it.

Now, Walcott has been largely dissapointing this season. When Benayoun and Walcott were started instead of Chamberlain and Gervinho, I knew Wenger had lost it completely. Walcott had a really poor first half. He looked so bereft of confidence. He didn’t even join in the goal celebrations.

When he got the ball in the 65th minute, and his first touch took it wide, everyone would have expected him to lose the ball. But, surprisingly, he finished. And, it did him and us a world of good. Again, the celebration was brilliant, as he lapped up the crowd.

By 68 minutes, we had staked our claim on London. We had utterly devastated our rivals. Our worst team in 15 seasons beat their best in 50. That was the truth. That was the gulf in class.

Sagna’s post match reaction was legend-ary.

We could not let it go like this, this is one of the most important games of the season. In our stadium, against the enemy, we could not lose.

Thanks for that Bac Man.

The way we fought, the way we tracked back whenever the scums had the ball, the manner in which we never lost hope, these are moments to cherish as a Gooner. This match is certainly up there with Barcelona and Chelsea.

The misery of last week is a thing of the past. The 5-2 has breathed new life into me. I am well and truely rejuvenated!

We love you Arsenal, we do.

Jai Arsenal 🙂

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