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Arsenal vs Everton – The Perfect 125th Anniversary Gift!

Arsenal Starting XI– Szczesny, Djourou, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen – Song, Ramsey, Arteta – Gervinho, Walcott, Van Persie

Score line : Arsenal 1-0 Everton. Goal scored by RVP

It has been a wonderful week for Arsenal celebrating their 125th Anniversary with their history ranging from the days of Dial Square to Emirates, and their match day with Everton was the exact day Arsenal had started their first Game, 125 years ago! The previous day was wonderful seeing 3 statues of 3 great legends of Arsenal unveiled and I was moved by Henry’s words and his love for the club. On Saturday, Arsenal invited an array of legends to celebrate their history with them and watch the game. The win against Everton was the best Anniversary gift all those who had come could ever ask for.

Everything till the match started was frustrating for me. First was the outrage which I felt when I came to know the totally ridiculous news that there was no live coverage of the game on ESPN-STAR because they felt the Liverpool-QPR match was more important than Arsenal’s 125th Anniversary game against 10th place Everton! Small consolation that they did cover it with live streams which was pretty decent throughout. Secondly I had issues with my internet connection which I fortunately got working just a few minutes before the game started. And thirdly and finally, I got nervous waiting to see the team line. So when the starting 11 was announced it was no surprise that Vermaelen started as left back and Djourou continued his position in the right back. Rest of the team was pretty much the regulars and no changes were made by Wenger. Arsenal were unbeaten in the last 7 games and one of the teams in form, maybe that’s one reason why Moyes came into this game looking for just a point.

There wasn’t a great deal happening in the first half with a slow start and Everton seemed to want to play the waiting game with only Saha hanging around in front hoping for a pass. Arsenal did come close to scoring a few times but our players just couldn’t finish, with Gervinho and Ramsey being the guilty partners. It went on pretty much in the same fashion throughout the half and it was a bit frustrating for us not to have gone in the lead after all the chances we got.

The second half started pretty much in the same fashion and with just 20 mins to go Moyes made his intentions clear by getting Distin in for Saha. The change seemed to benefit them and they were able to press a bit better than what were doing but it never challenged Arsenal in any way. Wenger too was thinking of making the changes as he wanted to break the deadlock and was about to get Rosicky and Arshavin and then it happened! Song chipped a ball and Van Persie volleyed the ball into the Everton post to make it a contender for the goals of the season for sure. It was that one touch of brilliance that was required and our captain, the man in form, just did that and got us ahead in the game.

The goal was enough for us and Everton never looked like scoring except for one chance towards the end. It was truly a well deserved win that gets us into the top 4 for the first time at least till the Chelsea match against Manchester City.

Wenger in the post match said

“yes it was an outstanding goal we are used to robin to score great goals but we missed many chances in the first half and in the second half our pace dropped a little but and we had more problems to create and we needed something special to score and in the end of course robin got it . I give some great credit to Alex  SOng who gave him a great ball but it is never easy to score this kind of goals when it is coming from behind and we have to get the timing right , shape of your body right. Its an art that robin masters well”
The day before the match started with everyone talking about our Legend Henry getting emotional during his acceptance speech. However, it ended with another scene that would possibly go down as one of the greatest gestures in footballing ever. And that scene was our keeper going and kissing the left foot of RVP after the match, which will be remembered as the trademark scene for many of us for many years to come. It was a great gesture and it shows that the team is united and having fun and that always a great sign for the club.

Next week is the all important clash with City and we need to play our best game to win against them. And for those who missed out the Henry speech please check below..

Until next time.. Have a wonderful day!!!

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