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Freddie sees some positives for the team

Freddie Ljungberg who had spent 10 years with Arsenal, lifting two Premier League titles and three FA Cups had some good things to talk about the club on arsenal Player. The 36-year-old, who last month was announced as Arsenal’s ambassador to promote the club on an international stage, backed Arsene Wenger’s team to challenge the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. He is currently in Asia promoting the club.



This is what he had to say on arsenal tv ( the following is taken from )

“I think [Wenger] and Sir Alex Ferguson are the best managers in the world,” Ljungberg told the club’s official website. “He’s done remarkably well for a very long period of time and I think with some certain economical restraints at times when they were building the stadium. To still achieve what he’s done is actually quite remarkable.”

“The club went out after the game against Newcastle and said they weren’t happy with being fourth. They want to win trophies as a club and I think that was a very important message they sent to all the fans. I think they have the foundations. I think it’s extremely important that they qualify for the Champions League, otherwise it could be difficult to attract certain players. I always say that they are going to win the league so I’ll say that again.”


It was not very far back that he said ” Arsenal is wrong to celebrate after failure of a season ” , tough i dont put too much into what was said as most of the sites these days twists facts and data to how they want to show it to the fans to get maximum coverage.Its good to see these former players or true legends of the club coming out and bringing in that good belief in the club for next season . I like to belive that there is something different to how things are done at Arsenal this season than how it was for the last 8 years…

There seems to be a lot of positivity about the new deals and contract extentions and with more money coming in we can blindly assume that most of it will be invested into the team in a better way. Add to that what Ivan been saying and what former players are also talking about we can hope for start of new era at Arsenal from this season.

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